With the advancement of technology and the appearance of new connected devices and services

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With the advancement of technology and the appearance of new connected devices and services, and the unquestionable need to be all connected with greater bandwidth and without interruptions, the design of a company network is increasingly important.

It is very important to choose the appropriate design for each network. A bad design could cause poor behavior in the services offered, in addition it could expose private information to external attackers, or unauthorized personnel.

The Polaris Recyclers client requires a new network design for your new office building. They have a need for 380 offices, those needs include terminal devices, application servers, cabling, routing and switching.

In this project, the network design for the Polaris Recyclers client is carried out, it is considered scalability, security and resilience. A detailed budget for the project is also included.


Executive Summary

Polaris Recyclers has asked Wireless Tech to bid on an upcoming network buildout at their new head office. Our proposal includes 2 Routers, 4 Layer 3 Switches, 15 Access Switches, 2 Firewalls, 7 Servers, 29,300 meters of Cat6 Cable, 117 meters of single mode optical fiber, and accessories. Total hardware costs are estimated to be $277,978.95. We also prepare a second offer, with hardware from another provider, and the total hardware cost are estimated to be $145,234.46. Installation labour costs for this job are not a factor as Wireless Tech will use a government program to employ co-op and newly graduated students, therefore labour costs will be covered. Internet access will cost $2,712 per year.

In summary, we have two proposals: the first one have a total hardware cost of $ 277,978.95 and the second one are estimated to be $145,234.46. Total annual cost should be budgeted at $2,712 to include monthly costs for Internet access.

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