Working Title – the title should simply and concisely summarise the research question.



Assignment 1 – Outline of Proposed Work Based Learning Project (40%)


a)    Working Title – the title should simply and concisely summarise the research question.

b)    Background to the Research - this section has three main functions. First, it needs to introduce the reader to the research issue or problem, addressing the question, ‘what am I going to do?’ Second, it needs to provide justification for your research, answering the question, ‘why is this research significant?’ Finally, it needs to demonstrate how the proposed topic relates to what has been done before in this subject area.

c)    Research question, aim and objectives – the research question is the most critical part of your research proposal. A clearly defined research question will guide your literature review, data collection and analysis. As such, the earlier you develop a precise research question the better. A poorly defined research question can confuse and misdirect your research efforts.

d)    Research Methodology – this section should address the question, ‘how shall I conduct my research?’ It is essential to explain why you have chosen your research methodology and data collection techniques. Your explanation should be justified by reference to the research methods literature.

e)    Timescale – outline a timetable for executing all elements of the research project. This will help you to assess the viability of your research proposal.

f)     References - this includes an alphabetical list using American Psychological Association (APA) Referencing System of all material cited in your research proposal.

Appendices – as part of Assignment 1 you are asked to conduct and include in the appendices a critical analysis of a text relevant to your research topic (e.g. journal article, business press). As part of the critical analysis you have to answer four questions: What type of literature is this? What is being claimed? To what extent is there backing for claims? What is my evaluation of the text in relation to my research question?

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