Write a 5-page Essay and analyze a film Like Water for Chocolate

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Write 5 page Essay and analyze a film  Like Water for Chocolate, following this Prompt:

Discuss the film "Like Water for Chocolate" in relation to "The Hero's Journey" what devices does the director use instead of the Hero's Journey? For example in the film Like Water For Chocolate, magical realism plays an important role in giving depth to the characters and the lead character Tita is not the typical hero and does not follow the typical hero's journey.

Your essay should not be summarizing the movie and do not use the novel as a reference since the book and the movie are completely different!

Your essay should have a strong thesis, in the essay explain if this movie supports or doesn't support the 12 point of The Heros Journey ( Provided, SEE ATTACHMENT). There is magical realism in the movie so explain which scenes are magical  and how would to connect it to magical realism. also,use the provided film vocabulary and explain 4 important scenes using the film vocabulary( Provided, SEE ATTACHMENT).  You must cite at least three sources in your essays that are academic in nature.  An academic article or chapter is defined as an essay in a peer reviewed journal or a chapter from a book written by an industry expert. Wikipedia and other open-source on-line resources are not acceptable for citations or as sources for your papers. Reviews and articles about films may be used, but not as the primary sources for your analysis.

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