You have been contracted by the CIO of a company who has provided you with a floor plan of their newest building.

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You have been contracted by the CIO of a company who has provided you with a floor plan of their newest building. The building dimensions are 31.7m × 44.5m (104' × 146'). The floor plan includes a ruler measure showing feet on the top and left side of the diagram.

 The five rooms marked A to E are available for telecommunication closets, equipment rooms, and/or entrance facilities as you see fit. Use only as many of these rooms as you absolutely need! 

o The telephone company (external network provider) enters the building in room E 

– provide a router and firewall to the outside world there. 

 The T-rooms are single offices that require Cat6 cable for desktop computers. 

 There are 9 offices at the right (East) side of the building each of which needs a Cat6 cable. 

 The copy room needs four Cat6 cables for copiers and printers. 

 The 2 manager offices at the West side of the building each need two Cat6 cables. 

 The two call centres have 40 computers; but, other equipment in that room is so very noisy that even shielded twisted pair Cat6 wiring is insufficient. The call centres need a different solution. (Fortunately, the walls around the call centres are shielded, so the electro-magnetic noise is contained.) 

 The meeting rooms, lobby, and staff lounge need wireless access (only). 

o each of these four locations must have their own WAP, but setup so that they act as one single SSID 

o YOU must specify which WAP must be set to what mode (i.e., AP, AP Client, Bridge, or Repeater) o WAPs may be mounted in the ceiling plenum (YOU must mark their locations on the floor plan) 

o ensure that the distance between these WAPs and all their wireless clients is always 15 metres or less There is one additional requirement. The manufacturing plant is located across the concrete covered parking lot, 200 meters north of the building. Running a cable there is not an option. You need to provide network access to ten computer stations there; but, for security issues you must not allow wireless access outside of either building. You do not need to plan the network inside the manufacturing plant other than to provide access. 

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