You will read an Excel worksheet into SPSS and solve a problem



This problem is assigned for SPSS practice .


You will read an Excel worksheet into SPSS and solve a problem.


Specifically, download the Excel data file (HOUSES_WESTERL1BA). The file has data on the characteristics of house in selected Staten Island neighborhoods. The variables that represent these characteristics are (1) The Price of the house (PRICE), the year the house was sold (SOLDATE), the number of bedrooms in the house (BDRMS), the number of bathrooms in the house (BTHRMS), the amount of Living Space in Square Feet (HSQFT), the size of the lot or land on which the house is built (LTSFT), the year the house was built (YRBLT), the Price per Square foot of living space (PPSFT), the neighborhood where the house is located (NEB). Neighborhood is entered in codes. Harbor =1, Wersterleigh = 2 and Westcot = 3


1.    Using the Excel command, calculate the AGE of each house and save the new file.

2.    Read the data into SPSS and label all the variables properly. Please remember to identify the coded variables, using the Value Label commands.

3.    Prepare a frequency distribution of the number of neighborhoods – How many houses were sold in each neighborhood?

4.    John Carlos argues that houses in these Staten Island neighborhoods sell at about the same average price. Does your data support this hypothesis? Please present your results properly.

5.    Would you rather say to Carlos that the Price per Square Foot is about the same, regardless of neighborhood? Use data and hypothesis testing to support your conclusion

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