Your firm provides remote medical consultancies. It has recently announced intent to expand their operations.

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Your firm provides remote medical consultancies. It has recently announced intent to expand their operations. A smaller site in London has been secured to oversee their business interests in the south of England; the main office in Manchester will continue to support operations in the north of England and manage international clientele


As an Infrastructural Architect, your role is to present a technology proposal to the Chief Information Officer (CIO). This proposal will be in the form of a report and will outline Computing Infrastructure options to support the digital services provided by your firm for its new location.


Some details about the firm:

 • business processes are digitally-supported; therefore, high availability and operational performance is essential for the firm's operations

• security is crucial since sensitive clients’ medical information is stored for remote consultancies

 • a Data Centre is situated at the main site in Manchester

• thirty (30) consulting executives will staff the new site in London; however, there is currently no technological infrastructure in place and will have to be procured



Instructions Produce a 4000-word report (+10% and -10% tolerances are acceptable).

 The report should detail and justify the proposed systems’ hardware and software,

including related features to support the firm’s digital services. Furthermore,

a reasonable networking strategy should be included with details of principles and protocols to support digital services.

A network diagram must be included and discussed in this section


It is expected that you will make your own assumptions due to the lack of specificity in the scenario; however, all assumptions should be reasonable and explicitly stated in your report. • A thorough discussion of alternative solutions and models including justification of your chosen strategy should be included.



Formatting requirements


The Harvard referencing format must be used to credit secondary research sources. In-text citations should be included within your discussion (where relevant) using the author-date format and full reference details should be included in your bibliography. For further details, click here.

 • A Table of Contents should be included.

 • All diagrams should be captioned and referred to within your discussion.

 • You should include a word-count at the end of the assessment section where a word count applies. This should exclude references, figures and appendices.

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