Best Cold Email Examples and Tactics to Generate More Leads

Best Cold Email Examples and Tactics to Generate More Leads

In the world of email marketing, cold emails always have a special place to attract potential customers. They are used at the first contact with the user when both of you have never contacted each other. Cold emails help to unobtrusively start a business conversation and, with the right approach, are more effective than other methods in attracting new customers.

But the most important thing is that the user opens the SMS, gets the benefit for himself, and still moves forward in the sales funnel. How to write correctly, and what to look for before choosing a strategy – we will talk about this in the article. We’ll also talk about the right elements to add to your headlines if you want to capture attention. In this post, we’ll break down 3 best templates and 6 practices to follow to attract more leads.

3 cold email templates


Perhaps the best cold email template is AIDA or attention->interest->desire->action. The system is simple –

  • you attract users with a headline or first line;
  • keep the user’s interest;
  • provoke the desire of the client to buy/receive the product;
  • explain what you need to do to get it.
Subject line: “name”, I know how to save your timeHello, “name”!And how much time per day do you spend on “any action”?Yes, we know how difficult it is and we are ready to offer help. “Product name” will solve the problem by “a few main advantages of the product”.Do not wait until the forces run out completely. Just write to me and I will do my best to have the “product name” in your hands as soon as possible! Best wishes,“name” 


The BAB template is also effective in cold mailing. Its essence:

  • clarification of the existing problem of the client;
  • a description of the picture, how everything will change after its solution;
  • building a connecting bridge in the form of your product, which will lead to a better picture. 
Subject line: “name”, do you want to start planning effectively?Hello, “name”!We know how difficult it is to do everything in 24 hours.Constant lack of time, fatigue, groundhog day, and a vicious circle.But what if the question is not in time, but in the efficiency of its use? What if it’s just enough to push a few levers and structure your time? More time to rest and study, fewer nerves from overload, and increased efficiency are a reality.“Product name” will help you achieve what you want, thanks to the “strengths of the product”.Write to us and we will tell you about all the possibilities of our product and your personal prospects.


We describe the problem, tell what it leads to, and offer a way to avoid the bad. This approach motivates the client by simply avoiding pain.

Subject line: “name”, do you want to know how to solve the “problem”?Hello, “name”!Have you been suffering from a “problem” for a long time?We know what it is. “Description of all possible consequences.”To avoid these problems, we have created a “Product Name”. After checking it for ourselves, we got the following “Description, facts and statistics, how everything has changed when using the product”.Do you want to get the same result and not bring everything to a boil? Write – right now!Best wishes,“name”

You can also check out more cold email examples to help business.

6 tactics to follow

Email marketing remains one of the most popular digital marketing channels worldwide. But no one will engage with a poorly implemented cold email campaign. The most important thing for its success is a detailed study of the target audience and a well-thought-out strategy.

  1. Subject lines

The subject line determines whether your email will be opened or not. Therefore, its creation must be approached thoughtfully and carefully.

The characteristic features of a quality subject line are informative. It should look convincing and carry a semantic load, giving the recipient the opportunity to understand what will be discussed.

One of the well-known techniques that has proven itself is the demonstration of benefits.

Let’s say a potential client knows before opening how this letter will be useful for him. For example, “How to reduce advertising costs by 20% and get x3 ROMI.”

The recipient sees a clear benefit in savings and improved marketing ROI. If this is his goal and pain point, then he is more likely to open this email. When creating a subject line, always remember that it should be concise, valuable, and intriguing. These elements are vital not only for call emails but in case you try to make an announcement email and other types of emails effective.

  1. Body Copy

It is important that the text is well-written and grammatically correct. If you are not good enough to write by yourself, you can always take assistance from the Paraphrasing tool. It is important to know the basic rules, check each sentence, and additionally use services to check the text for errors. It is necessary to structure the material, divide it into paragraphs and adhere to the classical rules of style. But in order to save resources, write a quality text for sure and not worry about its effectiveness, you can simply entrust this matter to the paper writing service EssayTigers.

  1. Personalize

Since this will be the first time that communication with the client will take place through letters, a large amount of information must be collected in order to provide the most personalized content. Clients are demanding and will not pay attention to general words that do not apply to them personally. In addition, incorporating an SPF checker in your email communication process can enhance email deliverability and security, ensuring that your personalized letters reach clients’ inboxes.

The right personalization allows you to attract attention and increase CTR by hitting the right pain points.

There are several ways to personalize an email:

  1. Order confirmation emails.
  2. Password reset emails.
  3. Welcome letters.
  4. Introductory emails.
  5. Personalized product recommendations.
  6. Letters of recommendation.
  7. Personalized data visualizations.
  8. Emails about rewards/loyalty programs.
  9. Letters in honor of birthdays and other holidays.
  10. Reactivation letters.

And these are just 10 ways, you can always add your own. According to an Ascend2 survey, 65% of marketers in the US said that personalization is the best approach to improve the effectiveness of their email programs. Many contractor marketing services and SaaS seo agencies utilize email marketing software to generate leads for clients as well.

The ultimate goal of the letter is to move the client through the sales funnel. To achieve this, it is necessary to collect data, identify the problems of the client and offer him a solution. This is not easy, but without these steps, it will be impossible to convince a person who is unfamiliar with the product.

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