Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Choosing the right essay topic is one of the challenging tasks for students. Sometimes professors assign the topic, but most of the time, they prefer to give this task to students to develop their cognitive skills. If your professor also gives this task to you, then don’t worry! Here, you will get complete knowledge of it.

Understanding the essay prompts is a critical factor when it comes to choosing a great essay topic. The same is the case while writing a cause and effect essay. It is the easiest type of research paper that you can write within hours.

“Everything is cause and effect. If you don’t move, nothing will move with you, and nothing will move toward you.”- Michael J. Fox

Here, the main aim is to establish a causal relationship between something. While choosing cause and effect essay topics, select the theme that you are passionate about. Also, make sure you choose a topic that is important to you.

It’s not easy for the students to pick the most effective topics for cause and effect essays. Therefore, we are providing a complete list of topics for cause and effect essay to the students. Let’s have a look!

Understand: Cause and effect essay

Are you wondering what is the cause and effect? Here you will get the answer. The cause includes why something happens, and the effect includes the impact of the result of the cause. There are types of cause and effect essay that you can consider while writing and choosing the topic for it-

  • Essay focused on the effect

As its names suggest, it focuses on one or more effects of the particular cause. 

  • Essay focused on the cause

It focuses on the various causes that lead to the event.

  • Essay focused on both causes and effects.

It focuses on both that is the reason why something happens and the effect it had.

Types of Cause and Effect Essay

Skills that students develop while writing cause and effect essay-

Every essay is intended to go beyond the topic. The writing of essays is an effective and efficient process to improve various skills. That you will use during your career. The skills that students can develop during the writing of a cause and effect essay are as follows-

1 Writing skills

Writing various assignments will improve the writing skills, and cause-and-effect essays are also included in assignments.

2 Objective thinking

  • The intention is to establish a correlation between two scenarios or concepts without allowing the way you write to interfere with your feelings.
  • Unbiasedness is a great ability to embrace, as it only allows you to become more confident and accountable.

3 Organizational skills

  • Everything should be organized in our life for a perfect outcome. The same rule is applied to the essays.
  • Organization skills will be improved by Cause and effect essays.
  • Cause and effects are organized in such a method that maintains the interest of the readers. And to avoid any kind of confusion about the essay.
  • It is very necessary to have decent organizational skills for classifying and properly. It should include the concepts for the essays.

4 Attention to details

  • Not only concerns and causes are described in the essays, which everyone notices. But these essays also give some fundamental links after researching significantly, which cannot be noticed easily.
  • For doing this, it is very important to give attention to details.
  • Cause-and-effect essays can improve the skill of paying attention, which is very helpful for every situation in life (Specifically in academics).

5 Areas of interest

  • Everything which is happening near us all is covered in cause and effect essay topics.
  • All we read, see, hear, experience, or witness can transform into a conversation. And, therefore, a cause and effect essay.
  • As each action comes with its significance. It means that you have many effects (significant) and causes (actions).

Important Point
Purpose of cause and effect essay writing
At academic time, professors assign cause and effect essays to develop critical thinking, find out logic, and compelling writing skills. In this type of writing, the writer explains an event and attempts to recognize its leading cause.

Important Point

Purpose of cause and effect essay writing

At academic time, professors assign cause and effect essays to develop critical thinking, find out logic, and compelling writing skills. In this type of writing, the writer explains an event and attempts to recognize its leading cause.

Tips on how to choose cause and effect essay topics-

Following are some tips that help you in selecting the topics-

  • Brainstorming is essential to get generic ideas related to your professor’s requirements.
  • Narrow down the list of topics to a particular event.
  • Study of the particular effect that an event caused.
  •  Stick to the topic aspect that develops your interest. It will make the writing procedure easier.
  • Create a catchy and short title for your essay.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics List

Students can select their cause and effect essay topic as per their requirements. In several cases, tutors let students create essays centered on the topics which they select.

Here is the complete list. Let’s explore it

Environmental Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • The negative or positive effect of curiosity of humans on the earth.
  • What is the most concerning issue which is affecting global warming?
  • Effects of climate change on earth.
  • Causes of ecological disasters.

Family and relationships: Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Effect of Live-in relationship.
  • Causes of cheating on their partner.
  • Causes of negative relations among siblings.
  • Single parenting: Long term effects.
  • Effects on family relationships by Family vacations.

Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Effects on relationships caused by abortion.
  • Effects of apathy of the voters.
  • Poverty Causes.
  • Effect of divorce on kids, Difference made by the age of the kid in divorce.
  • Causes and effects of homelessness.
  • What are the causes of stress and their effect on Health?
  • How obesity affects a nation?
  • Exercise addiction causes and effects.
  • Effect on behavior and cognition of kids by violent video games.
  • Effect of online shopping websites on internet users.
  • Causes and effects of higher rates of a college dropout.
  • Marriage and effects of feminism.
  • Technology and its good and bad effects.
  • The perspective of Britain on the effect of colonialism.
  • Air pollution: Causes and effects.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Technology 

  • Effects of the internet have on youth.
  • The effects of the progress of modern technology on kids.
  • Effects of modern technology in classwork.
  • Causes of advancement in technology.
  • Effects of development of technology on nature state.

Social issues Ideas for Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Effect of social networks on actual interaction.
  • Effect of Street violence or war on a community.
  • Causes of poverty in megalopolises.
  • Effect of lack of freedom on society.

Educational Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Causes and effects of failure in the exam.
  • Causes and effects of changing teachers in between studies.
  • Effects of extracurricular activities on students.
  • Cause and effects of cheating.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics related to Health

  • Vaccinations of youths: Causes and effects.
  • Effect of diet on the Health of the person.
  • Effects of smallpox in adults.
  • Insomnia: causes and effects during the exam.
  • Long-term smoking: Physical and mental effects.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics based on Psychology 

  • Effects of good mood on a person.
  • Effect of a most common disease: Depression.
  • Effects of depression on work and study.
  • Effects of depression on students.
  • Causes and effects of melancholy.
  • Physical Health vs. mental Health.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics related to Sport

  • Avoiding lessons of physical education: Causes on Health.
  • Effect of regular workout on productivity.
  • Effects of undertaking sports skillfully.
  • Effect of great sports.
  • Sports violence: Causes and effects.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics related to Food

  • Eating seafood: Cause and effects.
  • Health of Vegan vs. Vegetarian vs. Non-vegetarians.
  • Causes and effects of loss of hunger.
  • Health effects of eating low-priced fast Food.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Culture

  • Effects of favorite music on a person.
  • The effects of comic books on the success of movies.
  • Effects of addiction to video games.
  • Causes of popularity of summer festivals among the young generation.
  • Effect of piracy on artists.
Bonus point: Example of cause and effect essay
 Why brushing your teeth is the reason for good health. 

In this essay, you will mention the fact that the bacteria in plaque are dangerous for your health. It will help you to show that brushing your teeth is the reason for having less plaque. The essay include the cause and effect in two step-

1. Brushing your teeth helps in reducing the plaque amount in your mouth.
2.  Decreasing the effect of plaque has a positive impact on your health.


It is essential to take time to write a perfect essay. Besides, this information can be helpful for students. Who are looking for a solution to how to write a perfect cause and effect essay. Furthermore, the given topics will help you in making a perfect essay because given topics are well-researched. And are according to the present time and problems.

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1 How to use the cause and effect essay topics?

You can use these topics by following these points-
• First, understand the topic.
• Collect the matter related to the topic.
• Organize your main ideas and find out cause and effect.
• Create an effective thesis statement.

2 What is the benefit of writing a cause and effect essay?

It helps in developing critical thinking, finding out logic, and compelling writing skills.

3 What topic is considered good for a cause and effect essay?

Your topic must include the following points-
• Significance
• The title must be engaging
• The topic must include the main subject
• You can do the enough research
• That creates students awareness

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