College Application Essay Format

College Application Essay Format

Many students want to know how to write college application essays as they want admission. When you write a college application essay, it must create a long-lasting impact on the reader. You must write those points that will make your reader remember you. Not everyone can write good content. You can format the college application essay in an impressive manner.

An essay is part of writing which tells or notifies to the Reader about any special topic. An essay gives full information about any topic. Essays can many forms.

Essay types are

  • Narrative essay,
  • Descriptive essay,
  • Expository essay,
  • Persuasive essay.

College Application Essay

A college application essay is a written statement that is used to take admission for elective college and university. The essay has parts like introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. College application essay is about applicants’ basic family background and qualified from which school, and exam details like grade point average and percentage.

Advantages of a college application essay

  1. Helps that stand out
  2. Proves you can write well

In this article, we understand the college application essay format

college application format essay format depends upon cutting and pasting. You should double – triple check your copy and paste format into a text box-like Microsoft word. If you ignore this format, your essay shows incorrectly.

  • Check your whole essay when you transferred
  • Check words in a text editor
  • When you copy or paste, you should check the format of Bold and Italic.

College application essay format Guidelines

Here we talking about features like margins, headings, and font size, spacing, etc. If your essay is good and attractive, you will be selected for admission to a college or university.

Margin is a space between the text or the endpoint of the document. Usually, A new document margin is set to normal in Microsoft word or other text editors. You can change the margin according to your needs.

Good use and correct format of the margin. A Margin around the page is very important for your college application essay. if the students do not use margin, they will get bad results by the examiner because of your formatting style is wrong.

For example, you can set or modify the format of margin in Msword, google docs.

Example of margin
Select the page layout, and click margins. Here are shows the image

Example of margin

When you click on the margin, you can see the drop-down menu.

Example of margin

Here are the margins narrow will be changed.


Headings for the most important part of the essay. Your Headings format should be correct whenever you write a college essay because your reader or professor understands easily. In this image shows a heading format


Here is shown box of heading,heading1,heading2, and so on. You can change Headings according to your college essay.

Make sure your heading should be short, specific and clear.

Line spacing

Line Spacing is also another feature of college application essay format. You can choose your line spacing for a college application essay. line alignments are single, double, multiple, etc.

Let’s take an example of line spacing all document with ctrl+A paragraph option in ms word here shows the option in the image

Line spacing on the line spacing option…

Line spacing
  1. Select Line Spacing Options and choose an option in the Line spacing box.
  2. you can choose and adust according to your needs.
  3. Select OK

Font Size

Font size is the most important part when writing a college application essay format. It means how the characters large or small displayed on the screen. Font size 12 is good for college essays. You can change the font according to your needs.

Font Size

Bold and Italic

When you copy or paste, you should check the formate of Bold and Italic. Bold and italic are the most impact on college application essays. is one of the best essay writing service providers. We provide essay help to many students who are facing such problems with writing essays. By reading this article, you will come to know it is beneficial to take a college application essay format help from our experts. We make sure that you will never regret your decision.

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