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5 Ultimate and Cool Python Projects For The Beginners Guide 2023

As you know that Python is one of the most demanding and used programming languages worldwide. However, it is contributed to its major general purpose which makes it ideal for the candidates to make various domains in the industry.

With the use of Python programming language, you can develop more programs, not just the web only. Besides, python language can be suitable for programmers of varying skill levels right straight away from students to intermediate programmers, experts to professional developers.

In this guide, we’ll learn cool python projects for beginners and other levels of web developers. 

If you actually want to acquire in-depth practical knowledge, there is no better way to get your hands dirty with Python than by working on some cool python projects that will not only keep you busy in your free time but also teach you how to get more out of Python. 

When beginners start programming projects they often get bored if they won’t get a chance to play with some interesting and cold codes. So this is the reason we have bought a few interesting and cool python projects, especially for beginners. 

How do I Find a Perfect Cool Python Projects Platform?

Well, Python is a versatile programming language if it could give into the right hands. Moreover, you can use it to build lots of cool programs and get better at the language. When it comes to learning programming languages like Python, it is very important to get more hands-on experience than theoretical knowledge.

We have some exciting cool python projects waiting for you, but first, you need to choose the platform you’ll be developing on. Besides, the platforms for the projects mentioned in this article can be put into the three groups below:

  • When you create a web app, you and anybody else in the world may use it from any computer connected to the internet. For that, you would have to work on both the front end, which is the part that people see, and the back end, which is where the business logic is.
  • Desktop apps are also very popular and are used by a large number of people. The framework PyQt5 also has advanced building blocks for GUIs, but it is harder to learn.
  • Command-line programs only work in console windows and don’t have a graphical user interface (GUI). The user interacts with the program through commands, which is the oldest way to do so. However, just because it doesn’t have a graphical user interface (GUI) doesn’t mean it isn’t useful.

Five Cool Python Projects Ideas You Must Try

If you’ve already decided which platform to use, let’s get right to the project’s ideas. Here are some fun projects for developers of all skill levels that will help them learn more about Python and gain more confidence in their abilities. Here are some projects with source code for Python beginners:

1. URL Shortener

Well, URLs are the primary way to get to any resource on the internet, whether it’s a page or a file. Sometimes, URLs can be very long and have odd characters. However, URL shorteners are important because they cut down on the number of characters in URLs, making them easier to remember and use.

Thus, the idea behind a URL shortener is to use the random and string modules to turn a long URL into a new, shorter URL. After that, you would need to map the long URLs to the short URLs and store them in a database so that users can use them in the future.

Examples of URL shorteners

  • TinyURL

2. Directory Tree Generator

A directory tree generator is a tool you would use if you wanted to see all the directories in your system and figure out how they all fit together. However, a directory tree basically shows which directory is the parent directory and which are its sub-directories.

Moreover, a tool like this would be helpful if you work with a lot of directories and want to see where they stand. To build this, you can use the docopt framework and the os library to list the files and directories.

Examples of Directory Tree Generator

  • Tree
  • Dirtreex

3. Tic Tac Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe is an old game that we’re sure everyone here knows. Well, it’s a simple, fun game that only needs two people to play. 

On a 3×3 grid, the goal is to connect three Xs or Os in a straight line, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. However, the first person to do this wins the game. Additionally, python’s pygame library can be used for this kind of project. Besides, it comes with all the graphics and sounds you need to start making something like this.

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4. File Renaming Tool

A file renaming tool can save you a lot of time if your job requires you to manage a lot of files on a regular basis. Besides, its main job is to change the names of hundreds of files using an initial identifier that can be set in the code or given by the user.

To do this, you could use Python libraries like sys, shutil, and os to change the names of the files right away. Therefore, you can use the regex library to match the naming patterns of the files to implement the option to give each file a unique name to start with.

Examples of File Renaming Tool

  • Ren’
  • Rename

5. Content Aggregator

Millions of people who are always looking for something online using the internet as their primary source of information. However, a content aggregator can save time for people who want to find a lot of information about a certain topic.

Moreover, a content aggregator is a tool that pulls information about a subject from a lot of different websites and puts it all in one place.

If you want to make one, you can use the requests library to handle HTTP requests, BeautifulSoup to parse and scrape the information you need, and a database to store the information you’ve gathered.


As we wrap up our list of some interesting ideas and cool python projects you can make, we can say that Python is a very useful programming language for making applications of all kinds and sizes. Also, the packages that Python gives developers are very useful and make the development process much easier in a lot of ways. To sum up, we’d like to say that Python has a lot of potentials and that the only thing you might be lacking is the right idea.

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