Java vs JavaScript: The Crucial Battle of The Beasts

New programmers and non-technical individuals both have since quite a while ago confused related to Java vs JavaScript. However, their single shared trait is the word “Java.” Each is a programming language valuable in its respect, and each has qualities over the other.

One isn’t superior to the other; programmers utilize both Java and JavaScript for a wide range of tasks. In this blog, you are going to have a comprehensive comparison between Java vs javascript.

This comparison will be in-depth, so get ready to dig into it. But before we are going to start this battle, we need to know what difference between Java vs JavaScript. Let me explain them one by one:-


Java is a broadly useful computer programming language that is simultaneous, class-based, object-oriented, and specifically intended to grow new software products for different stages.

At the point when a coder writes a Java application, the compiled code (known as bytecode) keeps running on almost every operating system (OS), including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Java syntax is also inspired by C and C++ programming languages. James Gosling developed Java at Sun Microsystems. It is a statically typed programming language. Java has a Block level scope. 

Features of Java

Compiled and interpreted

The code compilation is quite different in Java than any other programming language. The java compiler first translates the raw code into the bytecode. Then the byte code is processed in JVM and convert it into the machine language. Then the interpreter executes the output of the code. 

Platform independent and portable

Java provides full independence to users. The programmers can quickly move Java from one machine to another without any modification in the system resources, process, and operating system.

A Java program written in a system can be run in any other system efficiently. Only one thing is required for that the system should have JVM installed to run the program. 


Java is an object-oriented programming language. All the task done in Java is based and revolves around classes and object. 

Robust and Secure 

Java is the most secure programming language in the world. It prevents the treaty of misuse of resources and virus. It has inbuilt garbage collector and exception handling mechanism that helps the programmers to eliminate the errors and risk of program crashing. 

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Java is one of the robust programming languages to create an application in distributed networks. Thus the programmers can easily share both data and programs in these systems.

You can also access remote resources over the internet with Java. The programmers can also work in tandem with Java from remote locations.

Multithreaded and interactive

It is best for multithreading and also the most interactive language to handle multiple tasks concurrently.

Dynamic and Extensible

In Java, all the new classes, objects, methods, and libraries are dynamically linked. The best part of Java is it also supports the function written in other programming languages such as C and C++. 

Ease of development

There is no need to write the code again and again in Java. You can use the same program again and again in Java with ease.

It reduces the development time and cost and makes the development easier. Code reusability makes development more straightforward.

Scalability and Performance

It is easy to scale the Java program, and it also improved and enhancing the startup time. It also helps in minimizing the memory consumption in JRE. So that your Java program can be run smoothly.


JavaScript is a high-level programming language. We use it to grow ongoing website pages. Numerous sites utilize productive JavaScript codes and use them as a plugin to empower different internet browsers. We also use it for game improvement and mobile application creation.  

JavaScript is a customer-side scripting language and for the most part, utilized for gives customer side approval.

As it were, you can make your website page all the more lively and intelligent, with the assistance of JavaScript. It was developed in 1995 by Brendan Eich at Netscape.

The original name of JavaScript was Mocha then, later on, it was known as “live script.” Nut after the license agreement between Netscape and Sun Microsystems( currently known as oracle) the name was converted into “JavaScript.”  JavaScript is also submitted in ECMA for the standardized purpose.  

Features of the javascript language


There is no need to invest the time on code compilation. JavaScript code automatically executes in the browser without any compilation. It is quicker than the Java programming code. 

Client-side scripting language

JavaScript is one of the best client-side scripting languages. We need a browser to execute the JavaScript code. It doesn’t require server interaction to run the code. Some of its powerful frameworks also allow server-side scripting.

It means that we can do lots of work only with JavaScript. There is no need for other scripting languages. Node.js is the best example of server-side scripting framework of JavaScript.


Event-based scripting makes JavaScript the most popular scripting language. It allows you to insert the event-based code anywhere in the page. You can also put the event code on the base of time duration, page section, actions, and many more.

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You can also set the event on the form submission to provide a special message to the user or ask them to perform other activities. 


JavaScript an object-oriented scripting language. It offers you to apply control over HTML page. In other words, you can manipulate the object in HTML pages with the help of JavaScript.

Comparison between Java vs JavaScript


Java is the most popular object-oriented programming language. Everything in Java is based on the objects. It means that if you want to perform any action in Java, then you need to create an object in Java.Java will perform a work based on the relations between the objects.

On the other hand, JavaScript is also an object-oriented scripting language. It works on the same phenomena to take any action based on the created object. 

Execution Platforms

If you want to execute the Java application programs. Then you need to have JVM installed on your system. JVM requires JDK and JRE installation on a system. Without JVM it is impossible to execute the Java code. 

On the other hand, there is no need to no need to have an additional installation of a program on your system to run JavaScript. You can execute the JavaScript program on any standard web browser. 

Mobile Application

Most of the old mobile application is in Java. Java is also helpful to create mobile apps, especially for android based devices. Some of the third party mobile operating systems support Java Applications.

On the other hand, we can also use JavaScript to develop mobile applications. But the JavaScript code can’t run directly on the mobile devices.

You need to convert the code using any third-party software after converting the code. You can efficiently run the JavaScript application in your mobile devices.

Learning Curve

Java offers the extensive Java has extensive documentation. It is also having vast online sources, online forums, and communities to help the Java Programmers.

Anyone can quickly learn Java with the help of online resources. If you want to desktop-based applications, then Java is the best option for you.  

On the other hand, JavaScript also offers extensive documentation. It also has vast online sources, large online forums, and communities of experts. Anyone can learn JavaScript by utilizing these online resources.

The best part of JavaScript is, you can see the code output directly on your browser. It is quite easy for the beginner to write and execute the JavaScript code. 


Java programs compile as a programming language under a controlled environment. On the other hand, JavaScript compile as the scripting language, which is just a plain text of code.

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Java is supported by almost every operating system. You can run Java programs into any operating system. On the other hand, JavaScript is a globally recognized script.

That’s why most of the web browsers and various operating systems support JavaScript. The developer needs to create the text and run it on any browser. But sometimes it may not work properly on the different versions of the same browser.


Java syntax is quite similar to C++ programming language. Even some you will find too many similarities between Java and C++. Java also supports classes and objects. On the other hand, JavaScript language syntax is similar to the C language.

Open Source

Java and JavaScript are both considered as open-source languages. Both of them provide us the flexibility to edit and modify the actual code. Java is based on the thread-based approach, whereas JavaScript uses its event-based mechanism. 


Java is a strongly typed language. On the other hand, programmers considered JavaScript as a loosely typed language. In Java, we need to declare the variables using the set object before using them.

On the other hand, in JavaScript, we can, we need not declare the variables we can use them in a flexible way. 

Statistics vs. dynamic

Java is one of the best statically typed language. On the other hand, JavaScript is considered a dynamically typed language. It means that we have to declare the variables with the data types at compile time in Java. On the other hand, we JavaScript can accept any data types.

Use of semicolon

Java uses semicolon at the end of non-block statements. On the other hand, we use semicolons at the end of certain lines in JavaScript.

Data types

We can use different numeric data types in Java, on the other hand, in case of JavaScript programming often use floating-point data types.

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Now you maybe get enough idea about Java vs JavaScript. Get the best Java homework help and Java Programming help from the experts. Java is the programming language to create desktop-based applications.

On the other hand, JavaScript is scripting language which is used to perform some action on with HTML and CSS. In other words, it is a web development language.

In the end, I would like to recommend you that you should choose Java if you want to developed desktop applications. If you want to work as a web designer or web developer then you should go for JavaScript without having any second opinion.

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