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What is a Business Report:

In the business field, report writing is considered an important skill. It is seen as research-based work which requires appropriate report writing that untangles business procedure. It helps in giving the actual information to the expected interested group. So, here in this blog, we discuss what is a business report and its types in detail.

Know what is a business report-

A business report is a well organized printed statement, which contains facts related to business matters. This report gives you an insight into all the ups and downs of the business that helps you create new business improvement strategies.

An employee makes a report and submits to the related top person. It’s the level of authority that depends upon the subject and usage of a business report.

What points must be considered while writing a business report?

Business reports carry information on reality related to Business Performance. Every business report is distinctive from others. Some of the main points of a business report are as follows-

Specific Issue

Every report is involving particular subjects. It is writing to the main purpose.

Pre-Specified Audience

The number of audiences is minimal in case of Business report writing. So this is the most crucial factor to keep the audience behavior in your mind while writing a report.

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  • Specific Structure or Layout

A particular structure or format followed by the report writer. The layout or structure of the report is always the same in every case.

Write on Past Events

In most of the cases, the reports are written on past events. Most of the business report carries the reason for happening the incident.

Neutral in Nature

In drafting reports, impartiality is maintained. No biased material is included in it. The one-sided report may lead to tragic decisions.

Factual Information

The Business report is always written based on accurate information. The data collected on specific events are real, not divided.

Joint Effort

A report depends on the joint efforts of a group of people. No one can person prepare a business report. In these days in most of the cases, a committee is formed containing three to seven people. They create a report on a specific event.

Order Presentation

The information of a report is presented order. So the audience can give his need information from where it is located.

Business Report Example

For the best examples of the business, reports go to They have tons of examples which help you to create an eye-catching report.

What is the aim of a business report?

The main aim of a business report is to convey relevant information efficiently. It is often written in response to the company’s executive. It is also in the form of a memo with the report attached.

What are some of the types of the business report?

There are various types of business reports based on the business’ requirements and conditions. Here are some of the common types of business report are as follows-

types of the business report
  • Analytical report

When a company wants to make an important decision, then this type of business report is required. In this report, the writer examines the companies’ situations and mentions appropriate information, reasons, and conclusions. It supports the company in making good decisions in the future. 

  • Informational reports

When a person wants detailed information on some points, then this report is helpful for them. It includes unbiased details and suggests the feasible outcomes of a particular situation. It is the perfect report for understanding things. For example, the total number of employees, their duties, etc.

  • Explanatory report

This report’s requirement arises when you have to explain a situation or topic so that everyone can understand. For example, you want to explain the research you have done on a particular situation. You can also add reasons, methodology, sample sizes, and so on. In it, you have to summarize your findings.

  • Progress Report

In this type of report, a business is required to mention how things are working at present. It does not depend on the analysis. Rather, continuous updation is required in it. An example of this report is that a business maintains its weekly report showing the week’s improvement. And make the list of tasks for the upcoming week.

How to Structure a Business Report

The business report will depend on what you are writing about. There is a general structure most of the report should follow.

1.Title Page

The report should feature a title page. The title itself should be clear. You should include your name and date of the report on the title page.

2. Summary

Most of the report begins with a review of the points, including:

What the report is about.

  • Which used the analysis method used.
  • The finding of the report
  • Recommendation

3. Table of Contents

The short report may not need a table content if you have included a summary. The report should set out the structure. You may also want to number the selection.

4. Introduction

It will set out a brief report; this section should include.

  • Background information.
  • The purpose of the report
  • its scope what the report will cover.

5. Methods and Findings

You have conducted the original research, include a section about your methods. After this method, you will need to explain your findings. This section will present the results, making sure to cover all of the main points.

Using headings to the conductor the reader through your data. Using charts and meanwhile, can help get information. The reader knows that how they relate to the text.

6. Conclusions and Recommendations

The last section of your report will cover the conclusion and recommendations. The conclusion section should summarise. You should also recommend a potential course of action based on your outcome, the objectives are placed out in your brief.

7.  References

You have used any party sources while writing your report. This could incorporate different reports, scholastic articles, or even news reports. The key is to demonstrate the peruser what you have put together your discoveries and ends with respect to.

8. Appendices

At last, you may have accumulated additional documentation during your examination, for example, talk with transcripts, showcasing material, or money related information, counting the majority of this in your first report. You will make it inordinately long and unfocused; however, you can add it to a reference section toward the finish of the record. It will at that point be accessible should your peruser need to see it.

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