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Do you want to know how to ask for an extension on an assignment? if yes, then don’t worry! In this blog, I have provided some samples and tips to ask for an extension on an assignment.

An extension on an assignment could be essential for a variety of reasons. To finish a paper or project, a student must request additional time. A polite way to seek an extension is via a formal email written with sincerity and tact. It should take into account the recipient’s conditions for granting the extension, as well as any institution-specific extension regulations.

If you’re having trouble following instructions or don’t have enough time to finish a task, it’s also worth asking for an extension. And this would have an impact on the whole class, talking to your professor about your issues could be the best course of action.

And if you are prepared to ask for a renewal, you can always lose your opinion.

Your safest choice is to send an email to your professor.

Explain why you’re seeking an extension and suggest a new deadline in a respectful manner.

In this post, you’ll learn how to request an extension and why you should do so. And also if you need assignment help online from experts, then you can contact our experts to get top-notch assignment service within the given deadline.

For your convenience, we’ve included a sample letter requesting an extension of an assignment.

Are you ever stumped for words? Check it out.

  • Wherever possible, meet with your mentor in person
  • Avoid asking questions at the last minute
  • Inform them that you have other papers due at the same time
  • Only a brief extension is requested
  • Exhibit feelings
  • Describe how the circumstances have changed

Creating Your Justification

  1. Review the policies of your course
  2. If you claim to be ill, provide evidence
  3. If you have a personal emergency, be forthright about it
  4. If you are overburdened with jobs, notify your professor
  5. Take the “numbers” approach
  6. Maintain a straightforward approach

Politely inquiring

  1. As soon as possible, inquire
  2. Make an in-person approach to your professor
  3. Send an email to your instructor to inquire about an extension
  4. Determine the length of the extension

Why Do Students Ask For An Extension On An Assignment?

There are a lot of reasons why students ask for an extension on an assignment some of which are below:

Personal illness or emergency

The first reason is personal illness or emergency. Many students have been ill or have had a personal emergency that has impacted completing the assignment on time. That’s why they ask for an extension. 

Technical Difficulties With Equipment Or Internet Access

Many students can’t complete their assignments on time because they have been experiencing technical difficulties such as a broken computer or poor internet connection. So, that’s why this can impact completing an assignment on time. If you are one of them, and you provide documents of proof of these issues can help you to support your request for an extension. 

Lack Of Understanding Or Difficulty With The Material

Many students are struggling with their assignments because of a lack of knowledge or difficulty with the material. This can be reasonable to ask for an extension to get more time to study or seek additional help from assignment help tutors

Work Or Other Time-Consuming Activities

Many students can’t complete their assignments on time because they have work or other activities that are taking a lot of their time. 

Unexpected Events

Many students get unexpected events because of that they can’t complete their assignments on time. So, they can ask for an extension on an assignment. 

Sample Of Writing Email For An Extension On Assignment

Since emails for extensions request a favor, several people are humiliated, And it’s hard to articulate oneself.

For people in challenging or unforeseen situations however, extension e-mails are common.

And, if the emails are written in the right format and respectful and straightforward, There’s nothing inconvenient to experience.

Sample 1: How To Ask For An Extension On An Assignment

Dear [Insert the name of the professor],I email you to request an [assignment] extension due [initial due date].I would very much like an extension because I have an extremely busy week and want more time to spend on my job.Since other teachers’ tests in my other classes cannot be rescheduled or deferred, I’m requesting that you extend my time.I appreciate your acceptance of the paper at a later date, and  I did think that it would be worth asking because I think that getting those extra days to concentrate entirely on this task would vastly enhance my work without the burden of the other exams.Another explanation I want an extension is that I need time to focus on [insert part of your task for which you strive].Have you any tips or advice for students who have problems in this specific part of the job? On the basis of the class,I know that I [must accomplish a specific aim], but [describe how much of this method is confusing you].In the next [#] days, I hope to be able to complete my report.Will [date] be my new due date if I get an extension? Obviously,If this is inconvenient for you, or if you would like to obtain it at a later time, please let me know.[Your Name]

Sample 2: How To Ask For An Extension On An Assignment

Subject: Request for Extension on Assignment
Dear [Professor’s Name],
I am writing to request an extension on the [Assignment Name] that is currently due on [Due Date]. I have been facing some personal challenges that have made it difficult for me to complete the assignment on time. I understand that extensions are not typically granted, but I would greatly appreciate your consideration in this matter.
I would like to request an extension of [Number of days] days. I understand that this may cause some inconvenience, and I apologize for any trouble this may cause. I assure you that I will use the extra time to complete the assignment to the best of my abilities and submit it as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely,[Your Name]

Sample 3: How To Ask For An Extension On An Assignment

Dear [name of the professor],I write to seek a time extension for the completion of the VB0101 Assignment. Over the last few weeks,I’ve been suffering from a long-term disease.I couldn’t practise or research because I was sick. As a consequence, for the past few days, I’ve failed to actually concentrate on my task.I haven’t finished a large portion of the assignment yet, and I believe I’ll need some more time to review and write it.The initial filing deadline is 29 March 2021.I am sorry I am not going to finish the task on schedule.That is why I politely ask you to give me an extension of a few days.By April 20, 2021, I intend to finish the assignment.I also have added a copy of my medical record and my physician’s analysis for evidence of my ill health.I appreciate your time and consideration and goodness in responding to my appeal.Please inform me of your decision as soon as possible.And sincere gratitude,[Your Name]

How To Ask For Extra Time On An Assignment With Justifications / Excuses

  1. I have a holiday scheduled that I can’t alter.
  2. I’m having a panic attack/depression episode. I’ve scheduled an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible.
  3. I’m planning a wedding that will take a lot of time.
  4. I’ve caught a cold and am confined to my bunk.
  5. I was called in for long shifts at work, and I desperately need the money.
  6. I’m having problems with my device. This is a screenshot of the issue.
  7. I was under the impression that the assignment was due the following week. It wasn’t until this morning that I realised!

Tips To Ask For An Extension On An Assignment

  • Give a clear reason – When asking for an extension, it’s important to give a clear reason for why you need an extension for an assignment. Because it can help the professor understand your situation and make a decision. 
  • Use A Polite And Professional Tone – You should use a polite and professional tone when you ask for an extension because it can help your professor feel comfortable and more likely to grant your request. 
  • Explain The Situation – Clearly explain the reason why you need an extension for an assignment. And also you should tell your professor the truth don’t say lie to his/her.
  • Provide a plan and new deadline – provide a plan for completing the assignment, including a new deadline and any steps you will take to ensure that you meet the new deadline. 
  • Show appreciation: you should express appreciation for the professor’s understanding and help in granting the extension. 


Since emails for extensions request a favor, several people are humiliated, And it’s hard to articulate oneself. For people in challenging or unforeseen situationes however, extension e-mails are common.

And, if the emails are written in the right format and respectful and straightforward, There’s nothing inconvenient to experience.

Likewise, if you want to apply an impressive assignment that needs more investigation,

A formal letter can then be sent. This gives you more time to improve and to make your job even more attractive.

Even if you think that there are not enough resources to complete the project, Via an application, you can share your concerns.

Here it is necessary to question and explain the delay early. Make an effort to prepare accordingly with the deadlines.

to stay away from those situations If you’re very short on time, though,Our team of writers, all of whom have at least 7 years of academic writing experience, will guide you through the process. Calltutors will help you with last-minute assignment help.


What is a good reason for an assignment extension?

A good reason for an assignment extension would be an unforeseen and unavoidable circumstance that prevents the student from completing the assignment on time, such as a serious illness or family emergency.

What is the best way to get an extension?

The best way to request an extension is to reach out to the instructor or professor in a timely manner, prior to the original due date. The student should provide a clear and specific explanation of the reason for the extension request and provide any relevant documentation to support the request. It is also important to be respectful and professional in the request and to be willing to discuss any potential alternatives or accommodations that may be available.

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