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Tips And Tricks on How To make Your Essay Look Longer

Are you too continuously struggling with writing an essay? But it still didn’t meet the required number of pages or words. In such situations, students use tricks like enlarging the font and space to cover the page quickly with minimum words. But this trick fails you when you’re required to reach certain words and not pages. While searching for the answer to the question “how to make your essay look longer?”

Here are some tips that will help you in such a situation:


Making a structure before directly jumping into writing the essay is always a good approach to follow. The structure helps you organize your words more appropriately. And it also makes sure that you don’t miss out on any point. When at the time of writing, your essay lacks words, prefer checking back the structure.


Once done, read your article from the start. Look if there is anything that is needed to be added and is missing. While reading, crosscheck if you’ve answered all the questions in detail. And if you’ve supported all the claims made with evidence. And if you can add extra information that can help the reader understand better. This is one of the best ways to know how to make your essay look longer. 


 When you’re struggling to write more it is always a good idea to describe everything in detail. You can add extra relevant information about the topic. But make sure to describe it in a way that is clear to the reader and is not going out of the flow.


After adding everything necessary if the essay is still not near to the minimum words required. You still have counterarguments left to discuss. Discussing counterarguments is always an entertaining idea when you’re out of information. This will give you reasons to write more. And the essay will sound a lot more presentable.


You can use quotations to support the claims made. But also don’t add quotes just because your essay lacks words. Do proper research first and then decide if there is some valuable quote that you can add. When you’re struggling to know “how to make your essay look longer?”. You should always consider adding extra that you can add. Adding quotations is one such secret to make your essay look longer.


Transitional expressions help build a connection between paragraphs and blocks of writing. All the sentences must go in a smooth flow, transitional expressions help achieve that.. The content must keep the reader reading. Transition expression also loosens up the tightness in your content. Transitional words like, “therefore”, “moreover” “adding to this” “in context of”, and so on can be used. 


Every drop of the ocean makes it an ocean. Use words or as earlier discussed translation expressions instead. Each one of the letters will make a difference in the length. 


At first, it might sound crazy to you. But reading in mind often misses so many words, mistakes, and grammatical errors. Reading out loud makes you more aware of the content that you’re reading. While reframing your sentences you might end up lengthening your paper. Meanwhile, reading out loud, you might realize that two consecutive sentences don’t make any link to each other. Fixing these small details will help you lengthen your paper.


Yes, you may have supported your claims with evidence, facts or quotes. But the reader might need a little more to understand it deeply. Give examples to add further content and to make the essay more clear and informative.

Sometimes, meeting the required number of pages and words can be difficult. Especially when the topic is not that versatile. You might lose motivation to complete the essay because of not having enough ideas about the topic. At such times, these tips will surely help you lengthen your essay with words.

Below are some tricks that will help you fill more pages. But these tricks are for the time when you’re having hard times with completing the minimum number of pages and not words. Because these tricks have nothing to do with adding words but a few adjustments in the content.

CHANGE FONT: Instead of using the regular font choose another that helps you cover the page faster. There are so many font types for this purpose, one such type is Palatino Linotype. 

ADJUST FONT SIZE: If it is instructed to write in 13 pt, it can be slightly increased by 13.1, 13.2, 13.3, 13.5 sizes.

INCREASE SPACE: You can also adjust the spacing by increasing it a little.  

ADJUST MARGINS: You always have the opportunity to adjust the bottom margin of the page. 

ADD FOOTER WITH PAGE NUMBERS: Footer is the bottom margin of the page. It is used to include material that you want on the page like page number, title, or the theme of the page.

PERIOD TRICK: This is a trick that is used to make the content look longer than it actually is. It replaces the period in the paper with a bigger text size.

  • Press Ctrl + F. A tab named “find and replace” will show up.
  • Out of three options ( find, replace and go to), select replace.
  • Put in the periods. One for each box and select the first period.
  • Press on the “more” tab.
  • Now click on the “Format” tab.
  • Select “font” from the displayed options.
  • Slightly increase the font size from 10 to 12.
  • Click OK.
  • Now, select the second period. And change the font to 14.
  • Finish it by clicking on OK.

This will make a lot more difference in the appearance of the content. We hope this was helpful for you but if you want to learn more practically about this trick. you check it out on 


This blog is all about how to make your essay look longer. These were some tips and tricks for two different situations. That will lengthen your essays for sure. Just keep things in mind that have been discussed. Avoid abbreviations, use transaction phrases, add everything important, briefly describe everything, and more. And before starting remember to have a structure that can motivate you to keep writing. All the best.  

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