Top Secrets of How to Motivate Yourself to do Homework

Are you feeling dizzy while doing homework? I know you will say yes because while doing homework, most students feel demotivated. One of the reasons behind it they get too much homework. 

Homework is one of the significant aspects of every student. In our academic life, we do plenty of homework. There is not a single student in the world who has never done any homework. Homework helps the students to clear all their doubts regarding their subjects. But nowadays there is not a single subject to study; there are lots of subjects for the students. Therefore they also get plenty of homework for different subjects. Thus the students lost their interest to do homework. Now the question is how to get motivated to do homework? Most of the students don’t know the secrets of how to motivate to do the homework.

Why do students lose their interest in doing homework?

Nowadays the students study a couple of subjects. Some subjects might be interesting for them and some not that is the reason the students lose interest in doing their homework because they find it a boring and unnecessary task for them. Apart from that the students who want to do their homework with perfection get out of time because they lost their time in some of the common mistakes that they ignore while doing their homework.

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And these mistakes also lead to loss of motivation to do homework. But still there are some uncommon ways of how to get motivated to do homework that will help the students to do their homework. Even if they have interesting homework or not. Let’s explore these factors on how to get motivated to do homework

How do students get motivated to do homework?

Why do we work the way we do? What motivates our actions? Different ways of thinking about motivation have been suggested by psychologists, including examining whether motivation comes from the outside (extrinsic) or the within (intrinsic) of a person.

Researchers discovered that each form has a distinct impact on a person’s actions and goal-setting. So, first, understand both motivations.

What Is outside (extrinsic) motivation?

When we are motivated to conduct an action because we want to receive a reward or escape punishment, this is known as extrinsic motivation.

What Is inner (intrinsic) motivation?

When you participate in an activity because you find it satisfying or gives you personal pleasure, this is known as intrinsic motivation.

Let’s understand with the help of examples-

Extrinsic Motivation
Intrinsic Motivation
1. Engaging in a sport to obtain prizes
2. Cleaning your room to avoid being criticized by your parents
3. Participating in a contest to win a scholarship
4. Follow study schedule because you want to attain a good grade
1. Engaging in a sport because you find the activity enjoyable
2. Cleaning your room because you like to live hygienically.
3. You are solving a puzzle because you find it exciting.
4. You are studying a subject because you find it interesting.

Inner Factors on how to get motivated to do homework

Take Short Breaks

Taking short breaks is the way for how to get motivated to do homework? Yes it is but most of the students don’t value the breaks. They don’t know how crucial the breaks can be for them. You should give the preference to the short breaks. Most of the homework takes hours and hours to be completed. Therefore the students feel pressure while doing their homework. It is often that the students don’t perform well under pressure.

You should take a short break at regular intervals. In your breaks, you can do the stretch and walk around. These will help you to re-energize your mind and body to do some work in quick time. I would like to suggest that you should write the homework for half an hour then take a 5 minutes short break. While doing two or more homework in a single day then you should take a nap of 2 hours between the homework. You can also do meditation for 10 to 15 minutes during your short break. It will help you to maintain the better focus on your homework. And you will enjoy to do your homework. 

Listen to Classical Music While Working

Classical music is not the preferred music for youngsters. But do you know that classical music is the best music to stay focused? You should play classical music for background audio. The music should not contain any lyrics and beats, and it should be sober music.

A study has proven that the students score high in tests who listen to classical music as compared to the students who listen to pop and other genres of music. Let’s start finding some classical music on any preferred online music platform. 

Eat Snacks and Drink Water

Don’t compromise on your health while writing the homework. Health is wealth, the better you feel, the more productive you can be. It is common when you are involved in work for a long time. Then you may get mentally and physically tired. If you don’t get enough rest and start doing your homework.

Then you may not get the desired result. You should hydrate your body and brain by drinking plenty of water. You should drink water and avoid soda, soft drinks or any other beverages that contain sugar. Apart from that, you should also eat some healthy snacks or baked snacks. It will help you to regain your energy level without wasting your time to eat food.

Set Goals and Reward Yourself 

While doing the homework, you should set small goals. We know that homework isn’t a fun activity. But setting up small goals will turn your homework into a fun activity. You can set the goals by splitting your homework into smaller parts and set goals for each part. You should also reward yourself while finishing every part.

Our brain loves the rewards, and after getting the rewards, it works more efficiently and faster. The reward can be 10 minutes of video games, listen to your favourite music, eat your favourite dessert and so on. It will help you to get the best answer to how to get homework done fast. Apart from that, you will also get a solid answer on how to get motivated to do homework fast.

Outer Factors on how how to get motivated to do homework

Make a List to Plan Your Homework

Making a list is always a pre-plan of your homework is still beneficial for you. The reason is that making a plan will guide you to do your homework. In your plan, you should start creating a list to outline all your important tasks. Before making a list you have to figure out how much time you will take to complete your homework.

You can estimate both the maximum and the minimum time. After that, you should list the various tasks that you would have to do. You should also divide the time to do each task. For this, you can estimate which task will take more time and which need less time. Making a list will help you to get started with doing your homework fast. You do not need to figure out what to do next after making a list because the list will guide you now. 

Arrange All The Books and Supplies You Need

We know that we can’t do homework without any books and supplies. Most of the students don’t give preference to arrange all the supplies and book before getting started with their homework. While you start writing your homework, you discover that you need a calculator, compass, books, pencils, paper and so on. It can be time consuming for you to arrange all these supplies at the moment you are writing the homework.

You should arrange all these supplies before starting the homework. Every homework is different, and every homework needs different books and supplies. So make sure that you are organizing the relevant books and supplies to do the homework at the time. Don’t create the mess by arranging all the books and supplies of homework at once. It will help you to find the relevant answer of how to get motivated to do homework.

Avoid Distractions and Find the Quiet Place

Most of the time, we don’t give value to the place where we are doing our homework. We should know that a quiet place will help you to do homework faster as compared with the place full of distractions. I have seen that most of the students do their homework in front of the TV. But you shouldn’t do the same because TV is the biggest distraction in the house.

If you start doing your homework in front of the TV, then you will waste most of the time watching tv and doing less homework. Therefore your homework will take more time than it was expected to be done. Doing the work simultaneously always slow down the performance of the individuals. So all you need to do is find a quiet place where you can find less or no distractions. If you have a study room, then you should go there and start writing your homework. 

Turn Off Your Phone

Smartphones have changed our life completely. We cannot live a single minute or even second without our smartphones. Most of the people say that they can’t live without their smartphones. But do you know that smartphones consume your most valuable time? You can save your precious time by avoiding the use of smartphones for more than an hour or a couple of hours.

Most of the students think that avoiding phones is like putting your phone on the desk and then start writing your homework. But remember that putting your phone far away is not the perfect solution. You have to turn off your phone to stay focused on your homework. Because if you put your phone away from you, then you might check for the notification at regular intervals, that is not good for you. Because it will distract your mind and you will require more time to get back to your work.

Bonus Point: Strategies that will help you get motivated yourself to do homework-

  • Understand what the teacher expectations

Teachers are often mentioning clues and guidance on what they want students to do in their assignments. Please make a note of all by writing it down on the page. It will provide you with project guidelines. Often, make sure you’ll be able to meet your teachers’ standards.

  • Manage a to-do list 

Keeping a to-do list is another homework strategy for students. It will protect you from having sleepless nights the day before your deadline and ensuring that you know all of your homework and assignments.

  • Start before it’s getting too late

Never put off doing your homework until the last minute or even the next day. Any work completed in a hurry is more likely to include errors. Do part of all of your tasks and projects on a regular basis. It would prevent you from having to carry the whole workload on a single day. It also helps you to look over your work and make the required corrections.

  • If you need help, ask for it

You can do your homework on your own if possible. But keep in mind that everybody requires assistance from time to time. But don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. You may ask your professors, friends, parents, or siblings for help, and all of them would be happy to assist you. Learning is not possible alone.

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Now you may get the appropriate answer of how to get motivated to do homework. In most of the cases, the students try to do the homework within a single night. If they follow all the tips mentioned above, then they will get the answer of how to finish homework fast late at night.

So what are you waiting to follow all the tips and start getting the best response to the question, how to get homework done quickly. All these tips are proven and written by experts. You will see the difference between your performance and can be able to do more homework in less time. 

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Frequently asked questions-

How can i do homework fast with fun?

Everyone wants to do homework fast and also enjoy it while doing it.
The tricks that help in doing homework fast are as follows-

1. Make a note of your daily tasks.
2. Ensure that you use the internet for your purpose, not for fun.
3. Switch off your phone.
4. Choose a place where there are no distractions.

What should i do if i am not able to focus on homework? Is energy drinks help in doing that?

Energy drinks help you in doing the homework, but it also has side effects. Try to take natural drinks like water, fresh fruit juices, or eat fresh fruits, healthy nuts, and snacks. You can take a 10 to 15 minutes nap to energize yourself.

I can’t get rid of my phone. What can i do to feel motivated?

Try to put your phone away somewhere where you can’t reach it easily and repeatedly look at it while doing work. You can also use applications like BreakFree or offtime that limit your time of using your phone.   

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