How to write a College Application Essay?

How to write a College Application Essay?

College application essay is the other mean of testing the student’s capability in writing skills. Students reveal their qualities to the authorities of the college and also show how they are different from others.

Meaning of College Application essay

College application essay means an essay in which students show their writing skills. In this, they write on the topic given by the college.

College application also includes college admission essay, which is written by the students at the time of admission to the college authorities. It is also called a personal statement. In this, they reveal their best qualities and capabilities which shows them out from other applicants.

The National counseling association for college admission counseling 2011 states that when there is a tough competition between students on the basis of grades or strength of admission test score than application essay makes a difference. It helps the college authority in the selection of best candidate.

Tips for choosing your College Essay topic

Sometimes the topic is already given by the college. If they did not give the topic, then there are some tips which you can follow while choosing your college essay topic:

Focus on the main idea

When you select a topic, always focus on the central concept of the topic. For example, you choose the topic of environmental pollution than you should include water, air, and noise pollution it. Your focus must be on the causes of pollution and how can we prevent it.

Show difference

You have to write about something that will make you stand out in the crowd. Write your essay in a way that the college authorities has not read before.

Be genuine

Whatever you will write in the essay, the matter should be genuine. It will not include the things which are not true or include daydreaming things.

Always choose that topic which you can explain adequately.

How to write a College Application Essay:

College administration knows that writing is not everyone’s cup of tea because it requires time, planning, and skills of writing. This is a work which includes step by step procedure. This essay will help you to stand out different in the crowd.

Here we provide right direction on “how to write a college application essay?”. These are the following steps which a candidate should follow:

1: Act promptly.

2: Understanding.

3: Write the essay.

4: Proofread.

Act promptly

First of all, understand the topic which you choose or being asked about which you are going to write. It includes the following steps:

Read the questions carefully requested in the essay.

Take some time to think about what is being asked.

In this essay, you must know that in the topic it asked you to defend, inform, or support?


In this step, you decide what to write in the essay or not. This is more complex than actually writing the essay. Write down all the ideas come into your mind related to the topic and select those that are relevant. Choose how you tell or present your story.

Write the essay

Once you understand the topic and matter related to it, which we are going to write in an essay, then you start essay writing. It includes an introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion.

In the introduction, you introduce the topic, and it must be impressive, clear the meaning of the topic to the college authority. You must make sure that your reader does not lose interest in the topic.

In body paragraph, you include three to five paragraph which explains the topic in detail. In conclusion, you conclude the essay by effectively summarising your topic and reader understand your point of view. Be yourself don’t copy your essay from others.


One of the best ways to become an essay writer is to be an interested reader of good writing. In this step, you read your essay and pay attention to how you write your essay, and it relates to the topic from the beginning to the end.

No matter what you write, the most important part of the writing process is editing. Let your essay sit for some hours. Get up and walk away from it. Do something different and then come and read your essay with your readers in mind.

After reading, do your editing work:- Is your point clear? Is your grammar correct? Did you make your point clear?

What not to do in your College application essay

  • Your essay should not include about yourself only.
  • Don’t put the focus on the same thing in the essay again and again.
  • Don’t reveal your too much secrets in the essay.  

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