Most expensive colleges in the world

5 Top Most Expensive Colleges In The World

There is no doubt that quality education equates to expensive colleges. Well, you can find here the most expensive colleges in the world. However, attaining quality education becomes an essential part of everyone’s life to cope with the changing time in this digital era. If you want to get a quality education from a well-reputed and respectable institution then you have to be part of those institution.

There is no secret that these are the most expensive colleges in the world but do they imply better education? However, there are so many questions raised in our minds when we think about the expensive colleges in the world like network opportunities, and internship opportunities that lead to respectable jobs with well paying, etc. So here we will help you in finding the best and topmost colleges in the world which are not only famous for their quality education but other incentives and perks offered by them.  

List of 5 Most Expensive Colleges In The World

We’ve looked into the 5 expensive colleges so you can easily weigh up if they are worth attending.

CollegeCountry World Ranking The average fee for the year (2021-22)
Harvard UniversityUSA#1$47,085
Stanford UniversityUSA#3$51,000
The University of OxfordUK#5$62,000
University Of CambridgeUK#4$40,000
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUSA#2$65,500
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1. Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the oldest universities in the United States of America. Additionally, the university was established in the mid-15th Century. Thus, it had been named after its first benefactor, clergyman John Harvard. Besides, it has a well-grown reputation that continues to shine and is constantly ranked in the number 1 position among the world’s best colleges. 

This university provides high learning and charges pretty fees to attend their classes. Moreover, Harvard University is located in Cambridge Massachusetts. However, they have around 6,000+ undergraduate students and 15,000+ postgraduate students. Also, you can check the following a few reasons to choose Harvard University.

  • They offer Financial Assistance to their students
  • Harvard offers a huge amount of resources.
  • Extracurricular activities and also offer you money if you arrange their activities.
  • Incredibly Diverse
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Easy to reach 

2. Stanford University

Stanford University stands at the number three position in the world ranking list of most expensive colleges in the world. Apart from this, it is a well-known private university in California that is close to Palo Alto city.  

Besides, this university has the largest campus in the US. Moreover, a total of 17,000+ students enrolled in 17+ research institutes and seven other schools:  the School of Humanities and Sciences, the Graduate School of Education, the Graduate School of Business, the School of Medicine, the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, the Law School, and the School of Engineering. 

Thus, Stanford University is also regarded as one of the top and best colleges in the world. Check out the reasons to choose Stanford University. 

  • Sports activities
  • Incredible campus in the USA
  • Annual traditions
  • Top-notch professors
  • Provides Financial Aid
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship guidance
  • Active in social life apart from studies

3. The University of Oxford      

 The University of Oxford is one of the oldest universities on our list. After Harvard university, it is the second most popular college in continuous operation. However, it is known for its world-class education and research to benefit society on a local, regional, national, and global scale. Moreover, Oxford University also engaged in other programs which are informative and engaging such as Black History Month in October 2022.         

Apart from this, the university has a total income of $3.357 billion and is ranked in the top 5 positions in the list of world-ranking universities. Read below the reasons to choose Oxford university.      

  • Offers Research opportunities to their undergraduates
  •  Inclusive and supportive community programs
  • More than 450 clubs and societies
  • Student welfare support and an extensive network system
  • Offer scholarships and other college funds to the students
  • Highly qualified teachers and academic discussions through digitalization
  • More than 100+ libraries along with world-class museums and collections.          

4. The University Of Cambridge    

The University of Cambridge prepares its students for life and helps them in building long-lasting passion and curiosity for learning. Let’s familiarize ourselves with its history. The University of Cambridge was founded at the beginning of the 11th century.  Then it was granted a Royal Charter by King Henry III in the mid-1200s. In addition to this, the university is counted among the second oldest universities in the English-speaking world and the fourth oldest surviving university.  

Besides, the University Of Cambridge is one of the most well-recognized and highly prestigious universities worldwide. It is no wonder they charge a premium entry fee to visit the university. Perks of getting admitted to the University Of Cambridge.  

  • A global curriculum
  • No.1 teaching and learning faculty
  • Assessment benefits
  • Recognized globally
  • The perk of being a part of the international community   
  • Healthy interactive sessions among teachers and parents
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5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology  

Well, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the private institutions in the USA. However, it was established in the mid-17th century. However, it is ranked in the number 2 position by QS in the world college ranking. Thus, it is one of the prestigious universities which offers various programs in the field of industrial science and engineering.  

Moreover, the top international scholars of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology provide top-class education to their students. Indeed, their main aim is to make entrepreneurs, technical professors, executives, and managers through online teaching mode. Explore more about the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and know why to choose this by reading the following points.

  • MIT’s top faculty.
  • A demanding curriculum.
  • Benefits for international students. 
  • A pleasant campus environment, placement, and employability.
  • Exceptional Student Experience

Conclusion (Most expensive colleges in the world)

We hope that you have enjoyed this blog about the most expensive colleges in the world. Indeed, they might be expensive but you get to learn more things as it completely depends on the value you receive. However, all the mentioned colleges have a great reputation and provide great teaching faculty for the last few centuries. 

To your knowledge, these colleges are not expensive because they are old or historical, but they are expensive because they hire the best teachers and professors. They charge high because these colleges seem to be the best and number one choice of most of the most intelligent students. Along with this, they also provide financial aid to their students.

FAQs (Most expensive colleges in the world)

Which one has the most expensive tuition fee in the world?

The University of Oxford has the most expensive tuition fee in the world. However, its tuition fee alone cost up to $60000.

Which one is more expensive, the UK or the USA?

Well, the USA has the most expensive universities and colleges in the world. Also, their universities are highly ranked as compared to the universities of the UK.

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