Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2023

To make it easier for you we have listed some of the best and the most popular programming languages 2022 you can learn. Because,

In the new world, the need for computer scientists is continuously growing. Everything around us is changing, undergoing a digital change.

With so many programmers being part of this sector, how much technology has grown and the pace at which it is evolving comes as no surprise. Computer science itself is broken into separate subfields, each with its own group of specialized staff.

The method of writing instructions in the form of code usually referred to as programming, is, however, one thing similar to almost all these areas. It lies at the center of computer science and gives it the ability to build and delete things.

With the number of current programming languages hitting the three-digit level, and because each programming work has its own unique set of criteria, finding out which language to learn can be incredibly overwhelming.

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List Of Most popular languages in 2022

Several programming languages are used by programmers today, but our main question is which programming will continue to rule in 2022? Here’s we have listed some of the best languages you can start with:


Python programming language has been ranked under the top 10 most popular programming languages for many years continuously.

With stable and well-built frameworks, Python is the fastest-growing programming language and one of the most common languages. It is open-source and understandable. In the industry, it is a commonly used programming language. 

The python-based Django platform is usually used in web development. For machine learning and artificial intelligence, Python is also the chosen programming language. 

It’s no accident that leading businesses use Python to code, such as Instagram, Spotify, Amazon, and Facebook. Python has been the favorite language of almost every person who is just beginning with the programming field for the last several years.

The main reason behind this is quite a simple syntax that makes it simple to read, learn, and practice.

Python is generally used and with various developments like artificial intelligence, computer learning, data science, etc. With a few years of experience, a Python developer can get a salary of around US$107K.


Several languages have come and gone, but JavaScript remains one of the few famous languages in the programming world that enjoys a high ratio of demand.

This programming language has been regularly ranked in the top 10 languages in the TIOBE rating survey for many years.

In fact, the Stack Overflow study describes that JavaScript is the most modern and widespread language among developers. Meantime in the tech world, some of the famous companies that are using JavaScript are Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Uber, etc.

This programming language is used for both front end and back end development. JavaScript gives some of the best features such as automatic garbage collection, rich library support, more natural integration with different programming languages,  GUI Programming support, and many more.

Many modern Python frameworks that make things more effective & helpful are Flask, Django, Pyramid, etc. Its compatibility with some leading frameworks like Node, Vue, Node, etc., makes it more excellent for developers.

With a few years of experience developers for JavaScript can earn around US$107K. 


JAVA appears to be losing its charm at times, but when we see the exact numbers, JAVA programming always surprises people with a very good ranking every year.

This shows that the appropriate language in the tech field is always doing great and in demand. There are more than 8 million JAVA developers around the world, maybe this figure will help you to determine this unique language’s demand & popularity.

Java programming language is also holding a position under the top 10 programming languages in PYPL and TIOBE. 


A large part of the tech landscape is occupied by both C and C++ and actually ranks in the top positions on different indexes.

According to TIOBE ranking in 2020, Both C and C++ programming languages are ranked 1st and 4th among the top 10 programming languages, respectively.

C/C++ has seen an upward trend of about 0.1 percent in the PYPL index and is ranked at 5th position. There are several big tech companies that hire developers of C and C++ with some good salary packages like- Microsoft, Adobe, Nvidia, Oracle, etc. Learning C/C++ programming language is not only good for your future perspective but also it will help you learn other programming languages.


Kotlin is a language that was initially developed by JetBrains. It is a general-purpose programming language. It can co-operate with Java and support functional programming languages as well.

It is used widely for Android desktop application development, web development, and development on the server-side. A lot of the applications from Google are Kotlin based. 

Companies like Coursera, Postmates, Pinterest,  and many more are using it. Developers with a few years of professional experience in Kotlin gain almost around US$140k per annum.

R Programming Languages

R is a general and statistical analysis programming language, which runs perfectly on Microsoft Windows, GNU, Linux, and GNU. This programming language was developed by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka in 1992.

It is applied in different fields like- Statistical Computing, Data Science, and Machine Learning. Although R language is challenging to learn, it is estimated to be the future of programming.

It’s not old like other programming languages, but the demand for developers of this programming language increases day by day.

Cognizant, Capgemini, Accenture, among several others, are applying this language to code. Developers of R language with a few years of experience earn around US$150k per annum.

C Sharp

C Sharp is a fast, object-oriented language that supports a huge number of rich functionality libraries, making it the next best option for programmers to learn. 

Although it is mainly used for Windows development and their applications, for VR games it is also used. For the past many years, C sharp maintained a good spot in almost every index’s top programming languages.

This programming language is ranked at 4th and 5th place at PYPL and TIOBE index, respectively. On GitHub Language Rankings, it keeps a place at the 5th spot consistently for the last two years. There are huge career opportunities for C sharp developers in different countries.

C sharp is utilized for coding by prominent tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Cyber Infrastructures Inc., and others. Developers of C Sharp with years of experience can earn around US$102k annually.


If you think that the PHP language is not worth learning in 2022, you must know that this programming language is still achieving great success in the tech world and is still preferred by developers worldwide.

As per the TIOBE Index for 2020, PHP programming language obtained a spot under the top 10 most popular programming languages.

At RedMonk Ranking reports, the language ranks at 4th place, surpassing other outstanding languages like C++, Kotlin, etc.

Various notable websites like Wikipedia, Facebook, WordPress, etc., are gradually relying on PHP and are continually giving PHP developers many career opportunities.

PHP language was originally created to manage a particular website. This language is utilized in about 24 percent of websites around the world.

Some familiar web frameworks like Laravel are developed on PHP. Big Companies such as Yahoo, Facebook, Mailchimp, etc., have been utilizing PHP. Developers of PHP with years of experience earn approximately US$101k per annum.

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Although there are many programming languages, as a training provider, only a few are the most popular languages in 2022.

Learning one of these languages is an excellent way to begin your change if you want to start a career as a programmer, make a lateral step into another sector, or progress the ladder at your current work.

We have also mentioned the salary in every field that you can expect annually but for that, you must have a few year’s experience. 

For those who are looking for more information regarding any of the above-mentioned programming languages, you are most welcome to discuss it with our experts or you can also take quick programming assignment help from us.

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