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100+ Best Topics for Accounting Research Paper

College students have to write at least one research paper in their graduation. Writing research is an art and requires skills. So it might seem difficult initially but choosing a topic is more crucial and tough for the students. Choosing topics for accounting research papers is one of the essential skills for writing an accounting research topic. 

Sometimes, instructors assign the topic, and sometimes the students have to choose the topic for a research paper, and it becomes important to choose an outstanding topic in order to write a good research paper. 

You can choose any topic on the subject matter, but it becomes tough when you have to pick a topic for a wide subject like accounting. Since accounting is a technical subject, therefore you have to take care of even slight details of the topic while choosing the topic for the paper. This is why students struggle with how to choose the right topic for an accounting research paper. 

Read the following guidelines and steps carefully and choose the best topic for your accounting research paper. Apart from this, if you have any problem in accounting, then you can take our experts’ accounting help

We have also listed some topics for your reference, and you can also choose your topic out of these topics.

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What is a research paper? 

Before choosing your topic for an accounting research paper, learn what is a research paper as then only you will understand the essentials of the research paper. And then choose your topic for the accounting research paper accordingly. 

A research paper is basically a kind of paper writing where you write and explain what you have understood and interpreted after in-depth research on the topic. You have to explore the subject matter from various authenticate and reliable sources like books, articles, reliable websites, interviews, etc. Then only can you choose your topic for the accounting research paper.

Do not Forget to Read

Effective Tips for Good Accounting Paper Writing
Now, when you have a long list of the topics for an accounting research paper, don’t forget to look at the below tips for your writing assistance.

Understand the Requirement of your Research Paper
You have different subjects in accounting to write about, such as forensic, financial, managerial accounting, etc. Ensure you are clear with the research paper’s demand and what type of paper your professor asks to write.

Choose Credible and Reliable Sources For Research
Sources for research in an accounting research paper is essential. You need to choose the best sources for your research, such as journals, online sources, magazines, Government Publications, Scientific Books, Newspapers, etc. 

Don’t Ignore the Power of Making An Outline and Draft
After writing an introduction, make an outline of your research paper content to maintain relevancy and be on track, especially in case of lengthy papers.

Other Than That

  • Mind Your Words
  • Check Guidelines
  • Follow All the instructions
  • Cross-Check your work
  • Get professional help in case of any difficulty

Do’s And Don’t in Research paper Writing

Do’s And Don’t in Research paper Writing

6 Major Steps To writing a research paper

These are the following steps for writing a research paper.

Step 1:- Choose your topic for an accounting research paper

The most important point to learn here is that your research paper manifests your knowledge and understanding of the subject, so it must be in your words. So always remember that you have to write at least 80% paper on your own, and whatever you have not written out of your brain, then you have to give citations thereof in order to avoid plagiarism and other copyright offenses.

Choose Outstanding Topics for Accounting Research Paper

Step 2:- Brainstorm your ideas 

The second step in choosing an accounting research paper topic is to brainstorm ideas about the topic. 

You have to think of the topic ideas, and while thinking of these ideas, you can prefer the streams or topics of your interest. If the topic interests you, then you will also enjoy working on the paper.

While brainstorming for ideas you can also follow the current topics or social and political topics, but before jumping onto any social, political, or current topic, you must ask yourself whether you have any strong opinion thereon or not. You can also think of ideas you always wanted to study in detail. So you can also choose the topic which makes you inquisitive.

Step 3:- Pen Down all the topics 

By now, a number of topic names must have crossed your mind, so the next step in choosing a topic for an accounting research paper is to list down all the topic names either on a notepad or anywhere before you forget them. It is a very important step because then only you will be able to finalize the topic and lastly you will choose the best suitable topic from this list only.

Step 4:- Read the basic background Information 

The next step in how to choose a topic for an accounting research paper is to read about the listed topics in order to gain basic information about the topics. When you know the general background of the topics, then you can easily understand their scope and essentials. It will help you to choose the topic of your interest. So it is a precautionary measure. 

Now you must be thinking that if I have listed down more than 10 topics then it is not possible to learn the basics of all those topics. So in such cases, you will choose a few topics which are alluring you most and then you will read about them only. In case you don’t like any of those topics then you can pick other topics from the list and then follow the same procedure.

Step 5:- Finalize your topic 

Now the time has come to finalize your topic. After getting a basic understanding of all the topics, you can easily choose a topic for an accounting research paper. While choosing the topic, you can make your own parameters and then finalize the topic which observes all these parameters. 

Don’t take any pressure while choosing the topic, as you can change the topic at later stages if you don’t like it. But be careful and vigilant while finalizing your topic.

Step 6:- List down the keywords 

The last step in how to choose a topic for an accounting research paper is to make a list of useful keywords related to your topic. It is very important as you will conduct your research for the paper with the use of these topics. Some of the key points to remember while finding useful keywords are as follows-

  • Use encyclopedias, bibliographies, and research articles for discovering the best keywords for your topic.
  • Look for the words that strongly represent your topic.
  • For every important concept, make a list of other related words and synonyms.

Keywords basically define or describe the topic. Therefore, it is extremely important to use the most relevant keywords in your research paper.

List of the Interesting accounting topics for research paper 

  • What are the Accounting software? Their significance in accounting 
  • Understanding of the accounting ethics : Practical approach 
  • Historical development of accounting system 
  • List of topmost accounting standards : how they are beneficial to our business 
  • Tax system : in comparison to USA 
  • Leading laws relating to accounting 
  • What is auditing and what methods of auditing?
  • Online accounting system: need of the hour 
  • Technologies used in accounting
  • What is Accounting and Its significance in business world 
  • How accounting contributes to economic growth 
  • Challenges and dilemmas : accounting system 
List of the Interesting accounting topics for research paper

Current Topics For Accounting Research Paper

These are the following current topics for accounting research paper, that’s given below.

Current Topics For Accounting Research Paper
Covid-19 effects on existing market
Risks to consider while starting a new business in corona time
Evaluation of the cost of implementing a program
New and Potential methods to achieve the financial health or target of a business
Trending ways to classify and record transactions for further use
In the present scenario (covid-19), which is better: manual or computerized accounting?
What are the risks of using manual accounting and online accounting?
Changes companies should bring in their operations according to the technology advancement era
Advantages and disadvantages of using internet-based accounting software for businesses.
Offshore gambling effects on accounting

List Of Topics On Accounting Theory For Research

Accounting theory is a set of methodologies and assumptions accountants use for financial reporting. You can choose various topics under this section that are given below.

Here are the best topics on accounting research papers related to theory. 

List Of Topics On Accounting Theory For Research
Significance of learning accounting theories
How do accounting theories affect the decisions in large, medium, and small business enterprises?
Last ten years’ most relevant accounting theories
How does culture impact accounting theories?
Benefits of applying income concepts similar to financial and tax accounting
Describe some accounting practices using different concepts of accounting theory
Rules to evaluate taxable income and financial income
What is the deductive method of reasoning?
Compare any two accounting theories
Role of accounting theories in modern economies

Auditing Topics For Accounting Research Paper

Let’s look at the important auditing topics below for your research papers.

Auditing Topics For Accounting Research Paper
How audited accounts assist in claim settlements for insurance and income tax authorities?
Enlist the different benefits of auditing partnership firms
Role of automated forensic auditing help in the detection and prevention of fraud
How are audits used in banking sectors to prevent fraud?
In what ways an internal audit is an effective tool for management
What are the impacts of internal audits on the performance of private firms?
Address the relationship between auditing and proper accounting practices
What is the role of social auditing in the enhancement of rural development?
Compare audit reports of small-scale and large-scale companies
How to detect irregularities, frauds, and errors along with prevention strategies while using audits?

What Are The 3 Major Areas Of Accounting?

There are three major areas of accounting. Each of the following areas of accounting opportunities is as follows.

  1. Managerial Accounting

It is also known as management accounting, which makes various reports, documents, and statements that help the management make good decisions about business performance. Managerial accounting is mainly used for internal goals.

  1. Cost Accounting

It is another method of allocating costs to cost objects that generally have a company’s services, products, and any other activities that implicate the company. Cost accounting is useful because it determines where a company spends its money, how much it gains, and where it is lost.

  1. Financial Accounting

It is an exhaustive branch of accounting implicating a method of recording, reporting, and summarizing the various transactions resulting from business functions over a while.

We mention some of the topics and suggestions for all the abovementioned areas. It helps in choosing the topics. 

Managerial Accounting Topics

Managerial accounting focuses on improving business operations. So you can choose the best topic from the below list-

Managerial Accounting Topics
Difference between financial accounting and managerial accounting
Role of managers in account auditing
How do double-entry accounting help managers run a business smoothly?
Effects of new tax policies on managerial accounting
How are decision support systems helpful in increasing managerial effectiveness?
Capital budgeting
Budgeting, Trend Analysis, and Forecasting
What Is Managerial Accounting?
How do managers evaluate organizational performance?
Profit planning and product pricing

Cost Accounting Topics 

Here are the best topics on accounting research papers related to cost. 

Cost Accounting Topics 
What does the opportunity cost?
What is the implicit cost?
What is the economic cost?
What is production cost?
What is the direct and indirect cost?
Externally funded projects in affluent economies and their cost allocation
Role of cost accounting approach in boosting productivity and efficiency
Applications of cost accounting management in museums
Relation of cost of produced goods and pricing in the strategic decision-making process
What are the challenges to implementing cost accounting in the oil and gas industries?

Financial Accounting Topics

These the financial accounting topics are as follows.

Financial Accounting Topics
What is financial statement analysis?
What are capital market reforms?
Describe working capital management
Foreign direct investment
Financial planning and forecasting
Best practices of cash flow around the world
How to avoid factors leading to debt?
verification of the depreciation of any asset annually
Factors affecting the progress of financial and accounting reporting
Relation between time and cash flow process

Forensic Accounting Research Paper Topics Ideas

Let’s know the following best forensic accounting research paper topics. 

Forensic Accounting Research Paper Topics Ideas
Why is forensics an integral part of internal audit?
What is a special report in accounting?
3 business lessons from a forensic accountant
What is the difference between fraud and financial statements?
What is the role of forensic accountants?
Forensic Accounting and Investigation Standards: A defining moment
Why cyber pros and forensic accountants should work?
What is the rising demand for forensic accounting in 2023?
Explain forensic accounting skills.
How a Forensic Accountant can help attorneys in Tax Fraud?

Accounting Presentation Topics

Here are the following accounting presentation topics for college or high school students.

Accounting Presentation Topics
Why do students pursue a master’s in accounting?
How to offer tax planning?
What is accounting for employee retention credits?
IASB amends accounting standards for financial statements
3 communications opportunities for accountants in 2023
What is accounting for interest rate caps?
Explain the new cryptocurrency accounting method.
What is the subjective money of accounting?
What are the accounting fundamentals?
Explain the government accounting and auditing rules?

Accounting Thesis Topics

These are the following accounting thesis topics, such as;

Accounting Thesis Topics
Do accountants make good money?
What exactly do accountants do?
Is accounting hard?
What skills do I need to be an accountant?
Do accountants need to be good at math?
Can accountants make 7 figures?
Is a career in accounting worth it?
Is accounting harder than finance?
What are 3 things that accountants do?
Do accountants have calculus?

Ph.D. Research Topics

Here are some Ph.D. research topics given below.

Ph.D. Research Topics
Is it hard to get a Ph.D. in accounting?
Can I do Ph.D. after CPA?
What is higher than a CPA?
How much can you make with a Ph.D. in accounting?
Do CPAs make more money?
Are CPAs declining?
Are accountants intelligent?
Will a Ph.D. increase my salary?
Who earns more, lawyers or accountants?
Is having a Ph.D. a big deal?

Controversial Accounting Topics

Let’s know the following controversial accounting topics from below.

Controversial Accounting Topics
What are some controversial issues in accounting?
What is the biggest accounting scandal?
What are the top 10 accounting scandals?
What are the issues in accounting nowadays?
Why is there a shortage in accounting?
Are fewer people becoming CPAs?
What are social issues in accounting?
Do CPAs make a lot of money?
Accounting for bitcoin and digital assets: everyone loves controversy
What is financial accounting foundation?

Structure of a Research Paper

Write your paper in APA format that should include.

Structure of a Research Paper


I hope now you are clear with the topic list for your paper as we provide you with a long list of the topics.You must agree that choosing a topic for an accounting research paper is the toughest part in completing the entire research paper as the quality of your paper directly depends on the topic. 

So follow the above-mentioned steps, choose the best topic for your paper, and excel your grades. If you still face any impediments, you can contact our expert team for an instant solution. Get the best online accounting assignment help or any college assignment help from the experts.

FAQs (Topics For Accounting Research Paper)

What Is Accounting Research Paper?

It’s a main part of auditing and reviewing the firm’s financial information to change all data into insights on complex financial issues. 

What Are The Accounting Research Paper Examples?

Clinical trial studies. Case studies. Experimental studies. Correlation studies.

What Are The Types Of Accounting Research?

There are three major accounting research methodologies: analytical, archival, and experimental.

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