Learn Best Programming Language For Hacking

In the last few decades, technology has evolved fast and has become an important aspect of our lives. Along with the knowledge of programming languages and coding, Hacking also becomes a topic of interest for some people, especially youth. Hackers use different programming language for hacking.

I guess you are well familiar with the term hacking.


Well, Hacking is a method used to exploit a network to get access to critical information. Hacking is an art and not everyone’s cup of tea as it requires various skills such as programming knowledge, computer knowledge, problem-solving skills, and other hacking programs.

Have you ever thought about how hacking helps us?

Cyber-attacks have become an alarming issue in the past few years and are increasing day by day. To avoid such cyber-attacks, organizations realized the need for ethical hackers to save them from such crimes. 

In this blog we will introduce you with the 10 most used programming languages for hacking. We will also discuss what hacking is and why hackers need to know programming.

What is hacking ?

Hacking is exploiting a computer system or private network to steal or make changes in the data. Hacking is an advanced technique that is performed by the highest skilled computer programmers known as hackers. Hackers can be categorized into three categories.

  1. White hat hackers- Pure legal hackers help organizations regarding their issues.
  1. Grey hat hackers-They are Neither legal nor illegal, but differ with the applications, sometimes breaking the laws but not harming individuals.
  1. Black hat hackers-They are entirely illegal and known as cybercriminals. They do hacking with a hostile purpose.

Programming languages is a tool that is use to create software and games; therefore, anyone wants to hack any software. It’s evident for them to keep knowledge of programming languages. Let’s dive into this blog to learn about programming languages that can be used for hacking.

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What is the importance of Programming languages for hacking?

Understand Software Language: A hacker needs to exploit the laws and protocols of a network; for that, he has to understand the language of the software. So it is vital to know the programming language to communicate with the software. If you are not handy with the programming, it will bound your capabilities and opportunities

Code Analysis and Script Writing: Programming language assists the hackers in analyzing codes, and they can write their own scripts with the help of programming. Moreover, programming helps you to automate various tasks and save your time.

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Enables to Focus On Target Fields- Coding assists you in penetrating various fields you intend to hack. In addition, it helps you to understand the strategies and planning behind the attack and enables you to comprehend the working of the target application before exploitation.

10 best Programming language For Hacking


Python is the most prefered programming language by every computer programmer because of its simple syntax and rich library. A software developer who has good skills in python can make scripts easily. Scripts can be used to manipulate computer softwares and games.

Most hackers hack the Computer and mobile games by making scripts with the help of python programming. These hackers earn money by doing hacking on these games. Python is popular for easy readability of the libraries and thanks for the hard-working developers who made these easily readable libraries.


Java is the best programming language for mobile development. It is a cross platform programming language. Several backdoors can exploit the system made by java. So it is clear that java is a programming language that can be used for hacking.

Whenever you install any application in your android device some applications ask for permissions and we without giving a second thought press yes. There are some malware applications that can steal your confidential messages, calls and contacts. Thus be careful while running applications on your mobile devices.


Ruby is a web-oriented programming language. It also has the fame of creating web exploiting applications for a long time. Ruby can make small and large scripts. One of the most popular hacking tools is write by Ruby programming the name of the framework is The Metasploit penetration testing framework. Syntax of the ruby is mostly similar to Python. 

But both languages are excellent at automating common hacking programs but Ruby is much more web-oriented. For superior flexibility, this is the best language for hacking while writing exploits.

C++ Programming

C++ is an object-oriented programming language. You can crack corporate softwares with the help of C++. C++ gives you access to system resources and analyses the machine. 

It gives you access to system resources and analyzes the machine. The hackers use this language to eliminate trial periods on the operating system and paid software. 

The programming language provides you low-level access to the resources and in the analysis of the machine code of the software. Knowing C++ is a great benefit to the aspirants who are doing reverse engineering and exploiting desktop software. In addition, you can ignore too many trivial bugs right during the compiling time in the C++ language.

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Although it is controversial whether Bash is an entirely fledged programming language, we can not overlook its hacking. Bash has a default command shell in the Linux operating system. I hope you know that Linux makes many servers, and this language is the default command shell for Linux and Unix distributions.

If a hacker wants to boost the functionality of his actions, he can use Bash with other programming languages such as Java. Bash is one of the must include programming languages for Hacking or to master hacking.


Even though Perl is not as popular as earlier, it plays an important role in hacking activities. This language is best to manipulate Linux text files.

Perl has a lot of frameworks and it is beneficial for mission critical projects. It supports object-oriented, procedural and functional programming.  We still have a lot of systems that use Perl.

Perl can be responsible to exploit web databases. It is an extensible programming language with the help of which you can easily break the storage of web databases.

C Programming 

It is the most popular and fastest programming language for hacking. C programming is a procedural programming language. It is also known as the mother of all programming languages. C is used to make computer frameworks. Hackers can use c programming to hack system hardwares including the RAM.

When the security professionals need to manipulate system resources and hardware, they use the C programming language. With the knowledge of C language, you can get an idea of the operating system and its structure.


The SQL language was created by IBM in the 1970s but now working under official standards recognized by the ANSI( American national standard institute ) and by the IOS( international organization for standardization). This language is a structured Query language which is typically used in data stream management or relational database systems.

In databases, it is used to arrange, eliminate, retrieve, or edit data as many systems store data in their databases such as MS SQL, PostgreSQL. SQL injection attacks enable the hackers to get critical information of any organization when they use SQL.

Java Script

This programming language is the best for web development and best for hacking and this is client-side programming languages. This is the best programming language for hacking. which is telling by the hackers to hack web applications.

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Most web applications use JavaScript and its libraries which makes it more useful for hackers. Another use of JavaScript is that it is used to read stored cookies and to create cross-site scripting programs for the use of Hacking. Apart from this, Javascript is used to expand and regenerate malware and viruses fast.


PHP is the most traditional dynamic programming language, This language is mainly use by website builders for CMS like WordPress. Who knows the PHP will help to search vulnerabilities in the network and take to the blog or website. Additionally, It is a server-side scripting language.

So the hackers use it for developing server hacking programs. Therefore, if you have to be the WEB HACKER then it is necessary to have a deep knowledge of PHP.

These above are the most important and highly used programming language for hacking. The hackers use these languages for different types of hacking. These languages are very common for Hacking.

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Different Types Of Hacking

  • web hacking and pentesting
  • Hacking for Writing Exploits
  • Hacking for  Reverse Engineering

These above are some fields of hacking which hackers mostly want to hack.


In this blog we have discussed the most used language for hacking in a comprehensive way and also talk about why programming is important for hacking. I hope now you know the answers to your questions regarding programming languages that are used in hacking.

Our Experts will provide you with the best knowledge in this blog related to the best programming language for hacking. Experts will have the good knowledge of hacking so that they share their experienced languages of hacking with you. Our experts also provide programming homework help which is highly recommended for the students who face difficulty in assignments.

FAQs Related to Programming Language for Hacking

What are the other programming languages that are used in Hacking?

Apart from the above languages, other programming languages are given below, which are used by hackers.




What skills should a hacker have?

A hacker should have-

  • Knowledge of collecting information from the internet and search engines
  • Basic commands of Linux-based operating systems.
  • Problem-solving skills that will come with regular practice
  • Programming skills
  • Network Skill
  • SQL skill

Which is the best programming language for hacking?

Python is considered as the best programming language because it is easy to learn and does not require advanced knowledge of coding. One can easily write scripts and control vulnerability.

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