Organic Chemistry Exam Tips

Organic Chemistry Exam Tips for 9th-12th Grade Students

Let’s accept the truth: Organic Chemistry seems tough because it covers a majority of the aspects of modern life, ranging from biology and innovative chemistry applications to food additives. Many students even fear the subject and, as a result, shy away from attending its classes.

However, here’s good news! Organic Chemistry does not have to be daunting and puzzling. You can manage to get a good night’s sleep, and better still, with a consistent learning process, and by developing good study habits, you can even get an ‘A’- with the help of the right Organic Chemistry Tutor! So, here are some exam tips to grasp this difficult aspect of chemistry and regain your sanity (with good grades!)

Organic Chemistry Exam Tips

  • Learn the Building Blocks

Let’s convert the nightmare of Organic Chemistry (OChem from now on) into a challenge that you have to overcome! Start by memorizing the shapes and names of basic compounds. Practice drawing examples of various compounds regularly, such as alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, esters, etc. The key to grasping OChem concepts is by focusing on understanding them rather than memorizing them by heart without getting an idea of the WHY of things.

Also, memorize the names and structures of common acids, bases, reducing agents, and oxidizers. You can also take the help of memory aids, such as flashcards and song lyrics, or create your own trivia games to learn new concepts and compounds. Take it one at a time to ease and smoothen the learning process.

  • Take Help from Numerous Resources

Take help from multiple online and offline resources, ranging from private Organic Chemistry tutors, video-recorded classes, reference books, practice worksheets, offline and online lectures, etc. Keep searching for answers to understand every single concept, especially the pines that seem confusing. Google for answers, or consult reference books and teachers until your concepts are crystal clear.

  • Practice and Solve Problems

Your teacher has probably told you this a hundred times, but it’s the only key to mastering Organic Chemistry. Do all the problems your lecturer gives you to develop a strong chemical intuition. Solve problems until you feel the basic concepts are clear.

Keep solving problems from various resources, such as reference books, online tutorials, past exams, digital courses, study materials, etc., so your brain does not freeze during the exams. Practice drawing the structures of vital compounds, orbitals, electron diagrams, different functional groups, and isomers of molecules.

Avoid solving OChem problems and drawing diagrams in mundane study tables. Instead, choose some random, interesting places such as a café, the windows of your home or car, the bathroom mirror, or on a notepad while sitting in a tranquil spot on your weekend day-outs. It will help you break the monotony of doing OChem problems while helping you get exposed to visual methods of learning.

  • Look Through the Matrix

OChem is all about interconnections between different reactions and functional groups. Observe closely to see how they are interlinked and create mind maps. Study the diagrams to understand how one compound or function can be converted into another, such as turning an ester into an alcohol. It may seem tricky and overwhelming, so we recommend you learn the basics of such interconnections from a certified Organic Chemistry tutor or your school’s lecturer.

Also, familiarize yourself with the byproducts and reagents involved. Soon, you would see the interconnected patterns and codes by picturing them all as a single entity. By looking into the bigger picture, you can understand and recognize different patterns, rather than memorizing them blindly. It’s time to switch from the mugging-up learning style to the understanding style.

  • Teach Your Friends and Neighbors

The best way to learn the basic concepts of OChem is by teaching different reactions, structures, and functional groups to your friends, neighbors, and even your furry friends. Although your pet won’t be able to help you much with your OChem problems, you can make the best use of your free time by discussing the different concepts. You can also play small quizzes with friends to review your problems and structures.

  • Polish Your Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills

To understand Organic Chemistry, you should sharpen your brain and improve your critical thinking skills. Allocate a few minutes every day to solving teasers, Sudoku, puzzles, mind games, etc. Further, you can take part in competitions and quizzes on OChem to open your mind and deal with the subject more confidently. Find new ways to gain an in-depth understanding of your 9th and 10th-grade chemistry.

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Final Words: Organic Chemistry Exam Tips

To conclude, develop good studying habits and dedicate significant time to solving different Organic Chemistry problems and drawing structures and reactions. And don’t hesitate to seek help from experienced 1-on-1 organic chemistry helpers to clear all your Chemistry doubts and queries about different concepts and structures.

Above all, focus on extracurricular activities, such as playing sports, painting, singing, dancing, etc., to remain stress-free and come back with a fresh mind. The school days will never return, so don’t forget to enjoy yourself in between your study time.

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