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What Is Research Paper And Research Paper Format

Regardless of the nature of your research paper or whatever you are thinking about writing on if you are writing a paper then an outline will help you describe what you are writing and what are your thoughts on that topic. And it will help you describe your thoughts in just a few lines. Which will be helpful for many readers. An outline of your paper includes all the details about your research paper. And which is the best thing and there are many other things which you should follow to write a paper in a better way. So that your reader can get the best out of your paper just by reading it once.

There are many steps to follow which are going to help you with writing the research paper in the best way possible and that is what we are going to talk about here in this blog.

Initially, there are various components in which we divide the research paper so that it can be visually clear for The Reader to know about what’s going on in your research paper and those various components are introduction and then body and conclusion etc. 

Dividing your research paper in these various components will help you stay organised and reduce the risk of important information being forgotten by you basically if you will work and write your research paper in in such particular way then you will never forget any information that might be important for your research paper because you will be working in certain way and you will be following a particular path to write the knowledge. 

Which will lead you to write and specify every point you have in mind.

Now you know the importance of writing an outline for your research paper it’s time for you to know about that outlining how to follow it so that you can get the best out of your research paper

The structure of the outline of your research paper will be the same regardless what you are writing on whether it is a scientific paper or more journal paper Mathematics paper whatever it is the structure of your outline will always be similar

Basically the structure of the research outline is similar to the research paper template. Actually it’s not that simple but there’s a few things which are similar.

Saudi Arab main three components for an outline of any kind of research paper and those are:-

  • The introduction 
  • The body 
  • The conclusion 

As, we have discussed above that there were these three components

For an outline of a research paper and those are introduction then body and then the conclusion.

These are the main three components which you should follow in the same order so that the reader can get the best idea just by looking at your research paper and can get the best out of it. 

As the introduction is first important part of the outline of the research paper

So, it should be in the first and the intro of anything is always in the first of that thing.

First we need to introduce the research paper in the very start. What is it about?

So in the introduction you need to give a brief of the topic and you need to tell the most about it and that too in very less words.

And after the introduction comes the body of it. The body of the research paper is the heartiest part of it and it includes paragraphs and then some sub paragraphs and these paragraphs and subparagraphs will help build the thesis statement by providing different facts and by supporting your thinking and your argument. The body should always elaborate on the opening of a statement. Now the important thing is that this section should elaborate everything.

As you have already specified the introduction and the body. After this there should be a conclusion and which should cover up everything and Conclude your point of view. 

And which is the last part of writing and you should conclude everything and should clarify every aspect of your point of view.

Formatting a research paper

There are many things which you should take care of when you are working on a research paper and by taking care of these things you will be able to make your research paper better in every aspect.

So the point of things which you should take care of are as follows.


You should always use clear and good quality paper because good quality paper will put a  negative  image on your reader.

So you should always use a good quality white paper and the most important thing when you write a research paper is that you should always write on only one side of the paper. 

And  by writing on only one side of paper you will make your research paper look good and will put a positive effect on the reader or the evaluator If you are a student and by doing this you will get good grades for sure.


Now when you are writing a research paper format you should always take care of the markings and margins on the paper.

You should always put neat and clean margins on the paper. So that it always looks neat and clean. You should always put a 2.5 cm margin on each side, top, bottom right and left.

Sometimes the exceptions are made when you need to put the page numbers. Then the bottom margin can be adjusted. But the standard margin is 2.5 cm on each side of the paper.

Title page

A title page is not very essential for your research paper but if your professor has asked for it then you should keep a title page in your research too. Title page tells everything about the research you have done in just one page. It is somewhat like the introduction. 

Numbering pages and paragraphs

Not as you already know about many points which you should keep in mind while writing a research paper. Not this point is also one of the most important points for writing a research paper. You should always keep this in mind. That is you should always number the pages of your research paper and that too in the upper hand right corner. 

Because using the numbers is always gonna help you when you design the context page for your research paper.

Because it is such an important thing to do. But one thing which you should always keep in mind is that you should always type the page number in the regular way.

Never ever write the page number with signs in it. Because that is going to put a negative image in the reader. And as per the mla writing format you should not do it. And you should always keep this in mind.

Spacing between the lines 

Whether you are writing an essay or you are typing it. You should always put regular spacing between the lines.

Because spacing between the lines is so much important that it differentiates between the topics and subtopics and the paragraphs and headings. 

So you should always keep the regular spacing between the lines, paragraphs and others.

Spacing between words

In general you should leave one space whenever you are writing anything.

You should always leave a single space after comma, semicolon or colon etc.

And traditionally  you should leave two spaces after the end of every sentence. 

And this is the way or writing and you should always follow it. There should not be any space in the form of a punctuation mark.Always keep these things in mind and you are gonna get the attention of your reader or teacher if you are a student and surely you are going to get good grades if you keep these things in mind while writing your research paper.

 So, these were the points which you should always keep in mind while you are writing a research paper. If you keep these points in mind then you are going to get the best out of your paper and if you are a student then you will be getting the best score ever if you are following these steps to write a research paper. And this was all about the research paper and the research paper format. Always keep this research paper format in mind and get the best out of your research paper. 


This blog explains what is a research paper and what is the research paper format. We have explained in detail the meaning of the research paper and research paper format in this blog.

We hope that with the help of this blog, all your problems will be solved. But if you still have any confusion related to the research paper, then you can take help from our experts through research paper help.

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