How To Write A Dissertation

Step by Step Guide on How To Write a Dissertation?

A dissertation is a long piece of academic writing on a particular subject. It is especially done by Ph.D. candidates to receive a doctorate degree. Ph.D. candidates present dissertation as their final project before gaining doctorate degree.

When you get to the point of writing dissertation means you are near the end of your educational journey. The main aim of writing a dissertation is to showcase your capacity to research and enhance your skills on the chosen discipline. In the dissertation, the candidate must present his original work and content.

Since the dissertation is a piece of academic writing, so it must be clear, concise and focussed. The use of critical vocabulary word must not be there. It needs to be clearly understandable by the readers.

Problems that students face while writing a dissertation

To be very clear it is not easy to write a dissertation as it seems to be.

Many candidates start writing this by great energy but end up being in so much of stress. It is a very long process and most complex task you have ever committed to. You must go through many obstacles while writing a dissertation but the end result will be rewarding.

Following are some of the problems that students face while writing a dissertation:

Delaying and wasting time:

Most of the students think that they have plenty of time to complete their dissertation. As a result, they delay their tasks and waste plenty of time. But when near the deadline when they start it, they found it so lengthy. As a result, they found themselves in frantic stress.

Lack of Research Skills:

The students who are not much experienced with researching, think that it is a very easy process. They think that they will find some useful sources from internet and extract relevant information from them. But this thinking is very far from the truth. Dissertation always wants original work and original content. Candidate must analyze those facts on his own and then write them.

Lack of Writing skills:

The student must follow the strict rules of academic writing. It must be in the proper language, form, and style. The student also needs to implement the proper guidelines and citation.

If you too are facing this difficulty then you can take help online i.e. from assignment help websites. These websites help students to complete their assignments before the deadline.

Steps to write a dissertation

To complete this difficult task, one needs to start from the beginning and complete each stage step by step.

Step 1- Winning the Dissertation proposal

The dissertation proposal is a proposal made to committee members that you are going to persuade a very valuable and important final dissertation project. This is a shorter paper than dissertation but is very important. It is so because it tells the topic and problem you are going to make in your final paper. Even if writing this dissertation proposal is not compulsory in your university, you should write it and discuss with your mentor.

While writing a dissertation paper, the student must pay attention and choose the Theme, Question, and Title very carefully.

Structure Of Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation proposal must include the following:

Dissertation Title





Potential Outcomes


List of references

Step 2- Conduct an effective research

Overall development of your project is determined in this stage. In this stage, you must do your own and unique research. This stage is very time-consuming. So, if you don’t want to waste your time then do it in a methodical and effective way.

To conduct effective research, you must take care of the following points:

Make a timeline for the research stage

Look your sources at right places

Organize your resources

Step 3- Write your dissertation

This is the most important stage of your dissertation writing. This stage is all about making the actual project. In this stage, you must take care of all the rules of academic writing. It should be in such a way that reader can easily understand this. Many students who do a great job in previous stages, get demotivated at this stage. This is because they don’t know what to write and how to write. To make this writing process less difficult you must make an outline and stick to the format. Contents of the dissertation are as follows:


Literature Review





You also need to manage your time very effectively. You should complete your project chapter by chapter. Do not waste much of time and keep yourself away from distractions. Always stick to timeline and follow outlines. By this, you can complete your Dissertation paper without getting stressed.

Make your first Draft then and don’t worry about failures.

Step 4- Edit and proofread the dissertation

Completing the first draft doesn’t mean that your task is over. But yes, you need a break of a few days before moving to the next step i.e. editing and proofreading.

Editing- After the break, you need to start with the editing. Editing is entirely focussed on the essence. In this, you need to get rid of irrelevant information and add relevant information if necessary.

Proofreading- Now it’s time to give your work a check. Proofreading focuses entirely on the form of the content. In this, we give a final touch to our dissertation by correcting all, the grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, font mistakes etc.

Step 5- Get feedback

Before you submit your dissertation, you should get some feedback. Make your friends or colleague read that. Also get feedback from your mentor. Get his feedback. Make changes if necessary and you are done.


I hope this article helps you with your dissertation writing. But if you are still struggling with this then you don’t need to worry. We are here to help you with your dissertation. We provide assignment help services at CallTutors to help you out. If you are still having a query do tell us in the comments section.

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