Difference Between Thesis and Research paper

You all must have heard about Thesis and Research Papers and many of you must be confused about them. When you go to graduate schools, postgraduate schools or pursue a doctorate degree, you need to submit either thesis or research paper or dissertation. In this blog post, we will discuss the “difference between Thesis and Research Paper”.

  • THESIS- A Thesis is long academic writing which involves personal research. It is written by someone to obtain a university degree or diploma.
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  • RESEARCH PAPER- It is a piece of academic writing, written as a part of the subject and do not constitute a separate subject or module. In the research paper, the researcher has to do independent research and then write a description of the findings.

Thesis vs Research Paper

Both of them are academic writings. They both are having a similar internal structure like both contains an introduction, literature review, research methodology, data analysis, interpretation, findings, conclusions etc. but differ by purpose, style of writing and specific components. Our experts will discuss these in detail. Many students find the difficulty in differentiating them. So here we begin with “Difference between Thesis and Research Paper”.

Difference between Thesis and Research Papers

1. Purpose

The purpose of writing a thesis is to obtain a university degree or qualification. Purpose of writing a research paper is to expand knowledge. The reader must learn something new when he or she read the research paper. This is major difference between Thesis and Research Paper.

2. Style

Since thesis is written to obtain a degree so it is usually longer than research paper. The research paper is all about establishing central part of thesis with all the data and proofs gathered.

3.Time Taken

As we know that thesis is lengthier than research paper so the completion of thesis takes a lot more time than that of the research papers.

4.Help Required

Thesis is always completed in someone’s supervision i.e. for completion of thesis, university assigns the student a supervisor. But in case of research paper, most of the times, no supervisor is assigned. If in case you need help, you can take help from Homework Help Websites.


Thesis is said to be completed after the oral examination which takes place after the submission of the thesis. This oral examination includes the presentation of your thesis in front of the examination board and answering their questions. The final results are based on both contents of the thesis and an oral examination. But the research paper is said to be completed after the plagiarism check of the research paper and the content of the research paper.

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The demand for originality is much higher for thesis as compared to that of the research papers.   While choosing a topic for thesis the author must take into consideration the expectation of originality in the field or the input of some relevant new information or ideas. This is also a difference between Thesis and Research Paper.

That was all about “difference between Thesis and Research Paper”. Hope this article will help you. Most of the people find difficulty in making assignments, research papers, Thesis etc. due to their complex nature and lack of supervision. If you too are facing any difficulty in completing these, then you can take the help of experts. Here at CallTutors, we are having a team of experts to help you out and meet your demands in the given time.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most important part of a thesis?

The abstract is the most important part of the thesis; although it is very short (approximately one-two paragraphs), it can be considered the most significant part of your thesis. The abstract provides an overall idea about your research.

What is the most important part of research?

Title, Abstract, Introduction, Method of study, Results, Analysis/Interpretation of Results, and Conclusion. These are the main parts of a research paper.

What is the key step in the research process?

Defining the problem is a crucial step in the research process. Defining the problem sets the foundation for the entire project, so it is critically important to take the time to do this well.

What are the main types of research methods?

· Questionnaires.
· Interviews.
· Experiments.
· Surveys.
· Case studies.
· Participant and non-participant observation.
· Studies using the Delphi method.
· Observational trials.

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