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Types of Research Papers

What is Research Paper?

A Research paper is a piece of academic writing or a long essay which presents the original and independent research of the author on any topic and the analysis and interpretation of the research findings. The research paper must be clear, concise, focussed, structured and backed up by evidence. It has a formal tone and style, but it is not complex and does not require the use of long sentences and complicated vocabulary because its purpose is to aid the reader’s understanding. Here we will be knowing about the “Types of Research papers”.

Types of Research Papers

Research papers are of different types and identifying what type of research paper to use is a way critical task. The most suitable research paper type is always chosen to keep in mind your research paper topics, your research methodologies and the manner by which you analyze your data.

7 Different types of Research Papers

  1. Analytical Research Paper
  2. Argumentative Research Paper
  3. Cause and Effect Research Paper
  4. Experimental Research Paper
  5. Problem-Solution Research Paper
  6. Report Paper
  7. Survey Research Paper

Analytical Research Paper

Describe multiple points of view → Analyze all points → Draw a conclusion

Analytical Research Papers implies an analysis of facts, events, issues, and ideas. In this the researcher at first describes multiple points of views pertaining to the research problem then analyze all the described points by collecting relevant information from various other researchers and finally draw a conclusion. During Analytical Research the researcher must remain neutral i.e. paper should not favor one point and oppose another.

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In Analytic Research Paper, the researcher do not face difficulty in describing multiple points of views but in analyzing them. There are many Homework Help websites available to ease your work.

Argumentative Research Paper

Describe the problem from two different viewpoints → Propose pros and cons → Give preference to one

Argumentative Research Paper as the name suggests involves the arguments about the research topic from two different viewpoints. In this type, the researcher must describe the problem with two opposing viewpoints, analyze them to propose their pros and cons and finally supports one viewpoint. This research paper is mainly focused on getting the readers to favor your point of view.

Cause and effect research papers

Describe situation → Present causes/effects → Draw a conclusion

This paper is usually assigned to the freshers. The main aim of this paper is to teach the researcher on how to write a research paper. This paper includes

  • A detailed study of various research topics
  • Organization of the writing process
  • Application of certain styles to text
  • Citations and references

In this research paper, the researcher first describes the problem, then explain its causes and effects and finally gives the conclusion.

Experimental Research Paper

Conduct the experiment → Share useful experience → Provide data and sum up

While writing an Experimental paper the researcher must describe the whole experimental process in detail. In this, the researcher conducts the experiment, then share his useful experiences and then finally provide the relevant data and sum up his research. These research papers are usually written for biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and sociology. In this research paper, the researcher must describe his experiment with supporting data and experimental analysis.

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Problem-Solution Research Paper

Describe the problem → Propose a solution → Defend it

As the name suggests, the Problem-Solution Research Paper aims at finding solutions to certain problems. In this research paper, the researcher describes the problem, analyze the available information, find some possible solutions and prove their effectiveness by giving examples, details, statistical data etc.

Report Paper

Outline the work done on a particular topic –> Sum up findings

In the Report Paper, the researcher needs to gather all the information about the research topic, describes the most valuable characteristics of data and finally sum up his findings. This paper aims at providing all the facts and necessary information about the research topic.

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Survey Research Paper

Conduct a survey → Analyze findings → Draw conclusions

In this paper, the researcher has to do the research, interpret data, analyze findings and then finally draw conclusions. In this, the survey is conducted by asking questions to respondents. This analyzes behavior in different conditions.

These all are the different types of research paper. If you have any query or want any other information regarding research papers, please do tell us in a comment section. If you are having any difficulty in determining the type of research paper or in making research paper the feel free to take Research Paper help from our experts


Where can I find reliable sources for research Papers?

Trusted and well-known Journals and books that are written by researchers are the most reliable sources for writing research papers.

What are the 4 goals of research?

Description, prediction, explanation, and application are four goals of the research.

What are the most common errors made in research papers?

Usage of irrelevant tables and figures, lack of strong thesis statements, lack of planning, weak supporting statements are the most common errors in research papers.

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