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Top 5 Biology Research Topics That is Very Useful For Students

Here we are going to tell you some main biology research topics. With the help of these biology research topics students will understand these main biology research topics and they may not get confused between them.

Obesity in House pets

Obesity in Pets means they are overweight and due to the excess weight your pet can harm also. Did you know, maybe your’s lovingness for your pet killing your pet literally? That’s right, because of the extra treats that you give to your pet may result in the extra weight. And due to this extra weight your pet is getting pain. And this pain is because of the damages of the internal organs, joints, and bones. 

It is commonly seen that the damage due to excess weight in animals as it does on a human’s body. While some of them are reversed. And some of that damages are remains for life. Or the more time period of the excess weight also affects more damage to the body. Due to the excess weight, some of our pets (like dogs and cats) are living in permanent pain. And to lighten this type of pain, the most beneficial way is weight loss. 

Because of the excess weight, pets like dogs suffer normally from diseases such as joint disease, respiratory diseases, etc. And pets like cats suffer normally from diseases such as diabetes and some types of liver diseases. For the pets lifelong wellness, you have to manage their weight, it is very important for their overall health.

Birds Behavioral Study

It is one of the main biology research topics for the students. Bird behavior mainly defined or refers to the response of the bird’s action to the environmental circumstances. Some of the birds have normal behavior and some of the bird’s behavior are learned. To understand the bird’s behavior is not so difficult. Only it requires is your time and patience. For learning the bird’s behavior you need to start noticing the birds behave, you’ll find yourself why, and how, what they do.

And who studies the behaviors of the animals is called an ethologist. On the basis of the bird’s behaviors, an ethogram is created by the ethologists. And in this ethogram, there is a list of bird’s behaviors with the definition and description of each one. 

And if you have a bird in your house as a pet then it is important for you to learn how to understand the behavior of birds. The reason to learn you the behavior of birds is for a peaceful and comforting relationship with your pet bird.

Camouflage Mechanism in Sea Animals

In the underwater camouflage mechanism in sea animals is the set of methods of achieving crypsis. It means that sea animals remain unnoticed by the other animals in the sea and this is the observation avoidance. In water, camouflage is different from the camouflage that is on land. From all sides, the environment in the sea is the same. From the above always light falls and trees and bushes variable backgrounds are generally not there. 

There are three methods which are the main camouflage methods predominate in water that are transparency, reflection, and counter-illumination. In the ocean’s top 100 meters transparency and reflectivity are very prominent. And for 100 meters down to 1000 meters the counter-illumination is very prominent. While below 1000 meters in the sea/dark water camouflage becomes less important.

In the ocean, there are so many animals that blend themselves with their surroundings with the help of amazing ability to camouflage. The camouflage helps animals to sneak up on their victims. From predators, camouflage helps animals to protect themselves. 

Immunity and Stress

Most people don’t know that the immunity of any person is also affected by taking the stress. In our body, there are the cells that travel through the bloodstream, and the collection of billions of these cells is called the immune system. And these cells defend our body against the antigens, such as bacteria, viruses, etc.

White blood cells are the main type of immune cells. And these are of the two types that are- lymphocytes and phagocytes. To fight with the antigens the ability is reduced when we are in stress. Due to this, we are more susceptible to infections. There is a hormone corticosteroid that is the stress hormone that can stifle the effectiveness of the immune system. Means to say that it reduces or lowers the number of lymphocytes.

There is an indirect effect on the immune system because of the stress taking. To reduce stress normally the person may use unhealthy behavior that is the coping strategy that is not good for them. And those strategies are drinking and smoking. And due to taking more stress, it converts into the headaches, infectious illness, diabetes, etc. Immune system suppression is not dangerous if it is short term suppression. However, if the suppression is continuous then it converts into the disease and infections.

Asthma and Allergic Reactions

In asthma, people face very difficulties to breathe. The same allergens that cause sneezing and tearing in some people can cause asthma in others. Normally the most common type of asthma is allergic asthma. About 90% of children with asthma in children’s childhood are allergic, compared to about 50% of adults with asthma. 

And the symptoms that show that it is allergic asthma. The symptoms are like when you breathe some things called allergens or we can say them allergy triggers. These allergy triggers are like dust mites, pollen, or mold. 

The symptoms of allergic asthma and non-allergic asthma are generally the same and those symptoms are cough, be short of breath, wheeze, feel your chest get tight, breathe quickly.

If you have asthma which is of any type allergic or non-allergic. Generally, while doing exercise in cold air or after breathing smoke, fumes, or dust asthma gets worse. So it is very important for those people that have allergic asthma to know their triggers. And prevent yourself from an attack of asthma by knowingly their triggers.

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Now you have seen some of the main biology research topics. These biology research topics help the students a lot in their future. 

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