What is price skimming

What Is Price Skimming – With Its Top 5 Pros & Cons

Want to know what is price skimming? Are you ever think why modern companies use price-skimming strategies? If no, let’s know here.

Right now, selecting the best product pricing strategy is a very important and consequential decision for any young SaaS (Software as a service) company. It describes the company’s early monetization strategy and heavily affects it. Also, how will your product be perceived, and what market components will you likely appeal to directly?

Of course, it describes how the better your product is and the more people it’s likely to demand. So how do you prepare a product pricing strategy that doesn’t restrict your product’s appeal? How can you track those prosperous, upper-market characteristics without restricting yourself to those lower on the willingness-to-pay chain?

One way to do that is via price skimming. It’s a very challenging strategy that is not for every company. But if you learn What is price skimming and how it works and you can implement it right. In that case, you can follow the below-given information.

What Is Price Skimming?

What is price skimming? Price skimming is a pricing strategy of a product in which a firm charges the highest starting price that consumers will pay and formerly lowers it with time. As the first customer’s demand is satisfied and competition in the market enters, the firm attracts another lowers price and population more price-sensitive segment. The skimming strategy is called “skimming” customer segments or successive cream layers. After a while, prices are lowered.

The “skimming” name originates from exploring all potential buyers, such as a stack – those on the top are eager to pay the maximum, even though those by the bottom wish to pay the minimum.

How does Price Skimming work?

After knowing what is price skimming, let’s know how it works for companies. It is frequently used when a product of a new type enters the market. The aim is to collect as much revenue as likely when the demand of consumers is high and competition in the market hasn’t entered.

When those goals are met, the creator of the original product can lower the product prices to attract more cost-conscious buyers by remaining competitive on the way to any lower-cost copier items in the market entered.

Firms frequently use skimming for the cost of development recovery. Price Skimming is a beneficial strategy in the given settings:

  • Adequate potential customers are willing to buy a high-priced product.
  • The high price of a product doesn’t attract competitors.
  • The price lowering ought to have only a slight effect on rising sales volume as well as decreasing unit costs.
  • The high price is taken as a high-quality sign.

Price Skimming Pros

Before knowing the advantages of price skimming, you must be familiar with what is price skimming. The following are the main advantages of price skimming.

Perceived quality

It aids in building a high-quality product perception and image.

Cost recovery

To a firm, it helps in recovering its development costs quickly.

High profitability

For the company, it creates a high-profit margin.

Benefits of Vertical supply chain 

It assists distributors in earning a higher percentage. The price increase on a product of $500 is far more significant than on a $5 product.

Price Skimming Cons

These are the main disadvantages of price skimming, that’s given below.


If the firm cannot validate its high price, customers may not be eager to buy the product.

Sales volume limitation 

A firm might not be capable of economies of scale use if a skim price creates inadequate sales.

Ineffective long-term strategy

It isn’t a feasible long-term strategy of pricing as competitors will ultimately enter the market with the pressure of rival pricing and products.

Consumer loyalty

If a product that costs 1,000 dollars at launch has a follow-on $200 price of in some months, innovators & primary adopters may feel exploited. So, if the firm has a price skimming history, consumers may wait for some months before buying the product.

Foundation of Price Skimming

Price skimming is used for profit maximization when a new service or product is deployed. So, the pricing strategy is effective in an advanced product in which the firm is the 1st to enter the market. This strategy aims to produce the maximum profit in the small-time period possible instead of maximum sales. It enables a firm to recover quickly. Its sunk costs formerly increased pricing pressure and competition.

Price Skimming Limitations

It is fundamentally limited in 5 diverse ways:

At the institutional level

It is a complex price discrimination form. Price discrimination in maximum countries is illegal as well as price skimming could consequently be a risky strategy to adopt for companies.

At market level

Skimming frequently gives rise to high margins. Meanwhile, high margins are very attractive; competitors will desire to enter into the market with a similar or highly comparable product, creating the skimming effect to disappear slowly. 

At brand level

If it turns out to be too clear for customers that a firm is using a skimming pricing strategy for any specified product, they will wait for the product price to drop before buying or be dissatisfied if they have already bought this product at an excessive price.

At retailer level

Skimming infers that selling a product at a lower price, beginning at a high price and slowly decreasing it further & further. 

At the customer level

Price Skimming is related to price discrimination after a while and so indicates that a product will be dispersed more gradually.

What is a price skimming strategy?

First of all know, what is price skimming? Price skimming is a pricing strategy that involves setting a high price for a product or service when it is first launched into the market, with the intention of gradually lowering the price over time. The strategy is often used by companies when they introduce new products or services that are unique or innovative and have no close substitutes in the market.

The goal of price skimming is to maximize profits in the early stages of a product’s life cycle when demand is likely to be highest, and consumers are willing to pay a premium price for the novelty or exclusivity of the product. As demand begins to level off and competitors enter the market, the company gradually lowers the price to attract a broader customer base.

Price skimming can be an effective strategy for companies that have invested heavily in research and development and need to recoup those costs quickly. It can also be used to create a perception of high quality or exclusivity for the product.

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Conclusion (What is Price Skimming)

Price skimming includes fixing a high price before other competitors enter the market. This is frequently used for a new product launch that faces no or little competition – typically because of certain technological features. It also has some advantages and disadvantages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are products in price skimming?

Price skimming involves setting a product at a high price to welcome ‘early adopters” profits before lowering it to accommodate price-sensitive markets/competitors.

Why is price skimming used?

Price skimming is often used when a new type of product enters the market. The goal is to gather as much revenue as possible while consumer demand is high and competition has not entered the market.

Which companies use price skimming?

Price skimming is a common strategy among tech giants like Apple, Sony Playstation, Samsung, etc. 

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