• How can we understand the topic you’ve chosen in terms of Schwalbe’s notion of “manhood acts?”



• How can we understand the topic you’ve chosen in terms of Schwalbe’s notion of “manhood acts?” • Connell’s discussion of the social organization of masculinities and Messner’s “terrain of the politics of masculinities.” What aspects of Connell’s model of the relations of masculinities are in evidence with the topic you’ve chosen? For example, is the topic you’ve chosen an example of the gendered division of labor, power, or perhaps the structure of cathexis (or some combination of these dimensions)? How is your topic related to Connell’s (and Messner’s) assertion that men, in the aggregate, enjoy privilege over women in the aggregate? Are there any costs of masculinity associated with the topic you’ve selected? • How does an intersectional framework help illuminate the topic you’ve chosen? That is, how does including race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, nationality, ability (or any other relevant dimension of inequality) in your analysis help clarify the topic you’ve chosen? • Which other articles we’ve read in class help illuminate something about the topic you’ve chosen? How so? How do the outside articles you’ve located help illuminate something about the topic?

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