"Catching Wild Pigs" Analogy Argument-Catching Wild Pigs

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Evaluating arguments: 

Your answer to the question below should apply (among others) the six rules discussed in the textbook (Rules 7-12) for evaluating the document "Catching Wild Pigs", which contains several Generalizations. Your answer should be at least the equivalent in length of one full double spaced 9 1/2 by 11-inch page. Be sure to closely follow the instructions below.


Read the document "Catching Wild Pigs"  Analogy Argument-Catching Wild Pigs (1).docx

The document contains the exact wording of a ("chain") email that I received about four years ago.  Describe the types of arguments used, summarize at least two of the main arguments, and name and describe at least three fallacies that are present. Pointing out more than three fallacies is even better.  Also, you are encouraged to read through the first 6 pages Appendix I (Some Common Fallacies).  One set of exercises will be assigned later in this course from the Appendix. 

In the final paragraph of your answer, state clearly whether or not you think the overall argument presented is good or not, using the course terminology. Justify your answer with a well reasoned, well-supported argument of your own.  Including support for your conclusions from outside credible sources (with links) is also encouraged.

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