A Literature review is to be carried out on mobile encryption techniques and incidents related to encryption techniques in NZ and overseas with any solutions.

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A Literature review is to be carried out on mobile encryption techniques and incidents related to encryption techniques in NZ and overseas with any solutions.  The literature review should include brief history of encryption and how latest encryption methods work.



The report must be professionally prepared (not hand written) with one and a half spacing, font size 12.  The report must reflect your own work, proper academic referencing is required when using other people’s work.  


The report must therefore include a list of references (including web sites if appropriate), preferably you need to have at least 12 journal/conference papers, 4 books, and some websites in your reference list. Six of these papers need to be discussed in detail, at least one page per paper (see marking schedule). The rest could be used in referencing other topics (theory, why encryption is important, its impact, and security breaches with encryption, etc…). To get a good grade, you must use and discuss the latest journal/conference papers and give less priority to websites. It is expected that the report size will be approximately 20 pages, although there is no limit on the size of the report. 


Please provide the following with your report (see also marking schedule):

-          Title Page,

-          Maximum one-page abstract,

-          Table of contents,

-          Introduction Section including but not limited to: background and history of mobile encryption, and discuss why the topic is important),

-          Theoretical background,

-          Security incidents with encryption and solutions, summary of the papers in your topic, the latest developments in the topic, discussions (your personal views, analysis, why?, how?, future?, various options, advantages, dis-advantages, opportunities, comparisons, comparison of work of researchers on the topic, etc.),

-          Conclusions,

-          References and appendices (if any). 


Plagiarism will be reported to the Programme Leader who may award zero marks or refer the matter to the Faculty Discipline Committee, which has powers of suspension/exclusion. You are required to include the following statement on the cover sheet on assignment: "wherever this assignment draws on the work of others, such sources are clearly acknowledged". The statement should be signed.  


A "soft" copy of the assignment must be submitted via the turnitin.com website by due date.  A "hard" copy of the assignment must also be submitted to your lecturer in 183-3001 on Thursday 30 April between 11:00 – 11:45 am (please e-mail me if you like to submit the hard copy earlier). 




Late Assignments:

Except in exceptional circumstances beyond the control of the candidate, late work will not be accepted unless an extension has been granted by the Programme Leader. 



Have a query?  Want to improve your work?


You could:

Talk it over with your lecturer first (or programme director).

Visit Te Puno Ako or Maia for learning advice and support.

Visit the Centre for Pacific Development and Support.


Notes :

If similarity with other sources is above 25%, you need to resubmit.  Maximum mark for report resubmission is a C- grade.   If similarity is above 15%, there will be -10 Marks in reports marks. Of course, the low similarity of under 10% is better for getting a higher mark. You can submit, fix the similarity and resubmit until due date (overwrite).

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