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I need help not with writing the paper but I'm trying to find out what the direction should be. What intervention should be taken and what steps should be assessed? If I use an FBA measurement., then how should it be used? my behaviour is hoarding and the intervention should be in the first person with an FBA measurement.
Hoarding is the behaviour and its in the first person. I'm just looking for a few paragraphs of instruction to get me on the right path to get this assignment completed. I also need an FBA assessment to complete the task.

Learning Module Assignment and Journal entry.

Your Final Project requires you to implement and evaluate the effectiveness of an intervention on the

behavior you focused on in Units 1, 3, and 6. In Unit 1 you identified a personal target behavior to

change. In Unit 3, you answered a number of questions about that behavior. In Unit 6 you conducted a

functional behavior assessment and selected an intervention to use. By now you have had at least 2

weeks of attempting to change the behavior by implementing your intervention.

Clearly describe the intervention you implemented. Provide sufficient detail such that readers of your

intervention procedure would be able to replicate the procedure with high treatment fidelity. Provide a

scholarly description of the evidence base supporting the approach you selected to change your

behavior. Then, describe how effective the intervention was in changing your own behavior, what

problems you had, any steps you could have taken to achieve better results, and any other relevant

insights that might be applicable regarding your attempt to modify the behavior.

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