An Anthropological Conceptualisation of Identity

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Watch the video and answer the questions, it is about the anthropology:

The Wampanoag language, spoken among the indigenous people of Cape Cod in New England, had all but disappeared in the middle twentieth century. Through the persistence of local descendants of Wampanoag speakers and linguists at MIT, the Wampanoag language was revived and is experiencing a resurgence among the Wampanoag today.

Instructions: Submit your answers to the questions below as directed by your instructor.

  • How important is the language you speak to your identity?
  • There are more than 7,000 languages spoken in the world today, and, on average, one of them disappears every ten days. What does that mean for the future of language diversity? What about the future of cultural diversity?
  • How is the revival of a language also the revival of a culture and a way of life? What else might be gained, for all of us, whenever a language is revived?

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