An introduction that describes the government or nonprofit organization



An introduction that describes the government or nonprofit organization, the setting, and any other information about the organization or related background that readers need in order to understand the organization and its ethical and social justice issues; a description of the ethical issues facing the organization and public administrators within the organization An explanation of the ethical issues related to two or more of the philosophical theories that this course introduces A summary of the major ethical challenges and conflicts of responsibility presented to individuals in the organization and to the organization as a whole A summary of the strategies that the organization uses to maintain responsible conduct An explanation of your recommendations for addressing the issues, including a rationale for your recommendations and an explanation of why they might be effective in addressing the issues, with consideration given to the possible involvement of guerrilla government employees An analysis of the factors that would affect the implementation of the recommendations by using the ethical decision-making model A description of the outcomes you would expect if the organization implemented your recommendations An explanation of how the issues you raised are related to at least two of the four social justice themes (human rights, equality, liberty, and justice)

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