Barriers to creating and using Big Data include all of the following EXCEPT



11.Barriers to creating and using Big Data include all of the following EXCEPT for The data can often be unreliable. The data are buried within an organizations administrative systems and not easily shared with others The cost is prohibitively expensive to obtain the data There are few standards for how the data are captured and stored. Unintended consequences of using Big Data arise when the legality, quality and disparate data meanings are not carefully considered. 12.Name one of the 7 V’s of Big Data. Velocity 13.In your own words, why is NoSQL more suitable than Oracle, IBM's DB2 or MS's SQLServer when dealing with Big Data? 14.Provide at least two examples of the types of data suitable for a NoSQL system. 15.How might Big Data derived from cell phone usage be used to benefit humankind?

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