Case studies where the iPad is currently being used in the enterprise environment



The iPad is a commercial success for Apple, with 15 million units sold in the first 12 months. With the release of the iPad 2, The iPad 3 and more recently the iPad Mini Retina, the number of competing for tablet devices suggests that this type of computing is with us for some time to come. While the iPad is often seen as a toy or at best a personal device, many enterprises and organizations are looking at the iPad's potential as business tools.

Put yourself in the position of a consultant writing a report for business about the enterprise use of iPads. Your report should be unbiased and based on reliable source material. It should not include unsupported, “I think …” possibilities, nor should it be a glowing accolade to Apple. You are quite welcome to come to the conclusion that the iPad is limited in its usefulness as a business tool if your reading indicates that. You should be able to show both the benefits and liabilities of tablet technology.

Your final recommendation could be based on:

  •  A review of functionality
  •  Business software already available
  •  Case studies where the iPad is currently being used in the enterprise environment.

REPORT LENGTH: The report can be up to 800 words

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