Classroom Conflict Management assignment help



Here's what to include in your essay:

1. Which theory/model did you chose?


2. How would you define that model in your own words?


3. How is it implemented in the classroom (and/or lab if you are a CTE



4. Is it compatible or incompatible with the other theories in the chapter?  In

other words, if you committed yourself to using the model you have chosen,

would you also be able to incorporate concepts from other models, or is the

model you have chosen exclusive of other approaches?


5. Do you believe it might work for you?  Some models may be better for

students who are older or younger than the ones you have (or will someday

have), or it might be better for students who are in a different context than

yours, etc.  The question is whether or not it is a good fit for you.


You may choose to write a paragraph on each of these questions, but I don't

recommend that, because that might become cumbersome for you.  If I were

writing the essay, I would put all of my answers into three to four paragraphs. 

For example, the first two questions could be just the introductory sentence

(or two) of the first paragraph.

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