Provide some background information on the chosen organization with a special focus on its human resources.



Choose any organisation (with any product) of your choice preferably where you are working or worked with or familiar with. Assume you are the Head, Human Resources Management for the organization. The Board has informed you of its decision to enter into the international market.  You, along with the other functional heads, have been asked to strategize for the multinational nature of your organization. You have been given two weeks to study the various related aspects and submit a report that is likely to influence the organization’s HR strategies in the international scene. Your report must include the below information:


1.      Executive Summary

2.      Introduction: Provide some background information on the chosen organization with a special focus on its human resources.

3.      Application of theory into practice:

a.       Review of existing HRM practices

                                                              i.      Critically review the existing HRM practices of your organization.

                                                            ii.      Analyse the importance of HRM and its practices in your organisation with specific focus on how it helps in overcoming business issues/ challenges for better performance. 


b.      Review of leadership theories

                                                              i.      Critically review any two theories of leadership (trait, behavioural, contingency).

                                                            ii.      Assess the suitability of one of the leadership theory that you have analysed in the context of your organization’s international plans. The analysis should include a careful consideration and justification of the factors determining the chosen leadership style.

c.       Discuss the behavioural dimensions that would be required in the management of human resources in the new foreign context of your organization. Specifically, your report should cover the following:

                                                              i.      Identify some of the key challenges that you are likely to face in the international environment (from a human  resources point of view such as understanding human behaviour, identifying employee needs)

                                                            ii.      Strategies to attract and recruit local talent

                                                          iii.      Integrating cultural differences that results out of your internationalization plans and the organizational plans to respond to these challenges

                                                          iv.      Review and critically synthesize the various influences on behaviour in organisations and the interface with management in integrating and balancing these.

d.      Analysis of best practices in IHRM. Specifically, you should:

                                                              i.      Analyse other organizations belonging to similar industry for their international HRM best practices, with a special focus on compensation and performance management of expatriate employees.

4.      Conclusions and Recommendations:

a.       Provide recommendations for the change of practices and perspectives required in managing human resources in the change from domestic to multinational set up.


b.      Discuss how this change will impact on the international nature of your organisation.



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