Complexity is one of the reasons that formal development processes have been created.



Unit 6 Assignment


Application: Code Complexity Metrics

Complexity is one of the reasons that formal development processes have been created. The complexity of numerous software problems, and the complexity of code developed to solve them, can lead to development time and costs to spiral out of control. As a result, metrics have been developed to help maintain and mitigate code complexity.

Consider this new scenario: Your boss has placed you on a new software product development team. At the kickoff meeting you are assigned specific functions to develop. You can assume that the software design will be done for you before you start coding. You also know that your code must interface with some legacy systems. Legacy systems are older software applications that use outdated languages or methods, but still function and meet user’s needs. Your boss needs you to estimate how long it will take you to finish your part of the project. To determine this, you will need to factor in the complexity of the code.

For this Assignment, determine how you can come up with as accurate an estimate as possible. Answer the following questions in your paper:

·         What metrics will you need to determine code complexity?

·         What are some follow-up questions you may have that help you evaluate complexity?

Make sure that your paper follows the APA style.

Submit your Assignment by Day 5.



Unit 6 Assignment

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