create a program called Sum of Numbers,

computer science


I have to create a program called Sum of Numbers, with two buttons ( Enter numbers & Exit). The InputBox will be called Input Needed and will ask: Enter the positive integer value. The answer will come in a message call Sum of Numbers stating: The sum of the number 1 through is If the user enters a negative value, his application should display an error message. Use the following data: Value Sum 5 15 10 55 20 210 100 5050 This is what I have so far, but I can't get the result to show in the MessageBox Dim strUserInput Dim IntUserInput As Integer Dim i As Integer strUserInput = InputBox("Enter a positive integer value", "Input Needed", 10) If strUserInput String.Empty Then Try IntUserInput = CInt(strUserInput) If IntUserInput

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