Create a range of navigation menus, both horizontal and vertical that apply best practices

computer science



The intent of this assignment is to practice applying styles to an existing HTML site. Skills

learned in this assignment build upon the knowledge gained from Assignment 1. Upon

successful completion of this assignment the student will:

  •  Navigate and understand the HTML markup created by someone else.
  •  Apply CSS styles to enhance the theme of a site.
  •  Create a range of navigation menus, both horizontal and vertical that apply best


  •  Use CSS element, pseudo-element, context, and attribute selectors
  •  Apply the CSS box model to achieve proper layout between elements.
  •  Start applying basic responsive design ideas to simple CSS/HTML pages.
  •  Understand and apply web-imported fonts using font-face.


Since your assignment is to apply CSS styles to an existing HTML site, you must simply

submit one css style file. This folder MUST be named style_yourlogin (If you submit

multiple versions name them sequentially so style_yourlogin_v2.) Inside that folder, the

stylesheet file must be named style.css. You may have a folder named Fonts, which

includes fonts downloaded from WWW. When confident it is ready, drag the entire folder

to the Submit Drive (I:). If submitting from an off-campus computer, use to access your files.

You will lose marks if you do not follow these submission instructions.


Your assignment will be graded based on the overall look and feel of the pages, the quality

of the syntax, application of CSS selectors, complete commenting, adherence to assignment

specifications and overall application of CSS.

Functional Requirements:

Your style sheet should:

 Style the first and main menu as a horizontal (or vertical) menu, with: visited,

link, active and hover pseudo-classes implemented to build a best-practice

horizontal menu.

 The first paragraph <h1> in any <article> should be distinct from any subsequent


 Each header (<h1>…<h6>) must use a font-face, imported from the WWW. Be sure

your font-stack handles the case where the font does not load.

 All content must look good styled, and styles must enhance the usability of content.

At a minimum, you should by styling for color, font-size, font-decoration, spacing,

background, and more. Where you want to apply a single style, apply it at the base of

the cascade.

 Use CSS classes to style recurring elements on the page (footer, article, etc.). Bear in

mind the function of these elements, and be sure to consider whether the style

supports the function.

 Your footer should nicely format the <address> and append your name (using: after and content). It should also be a low key element, in line with it's role, and

consistent between pages.

 Content of each page. Since each page covers a particular country theme, you must

reinforce that page specific theme using styles that reinforces and supports the

a country is described in each page.

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