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General Instructions: Each assignment is to be submitted as a single Microsoft Word Document (.doc) using BlackBoard. All sections of each assignment must be handed in the one submission. Every submission must have a header that contains your name, login ID, and the assignment number. Answers to Text Exercises must be sufficient to completely respond to the exercise. All homework is to be submitted in Word format. If there are diagrams or reports, do a screen print, then copy and paste into your word document. ASSIGNMENT 1 Data Warehousing Text Exercise #4 – pg. 21 For an airlines company, how can strategic information increase the number of frequent flyers? Discuss giving specific details. Exercise #4 – pg. 44 For an airlines company, identify three operational applications that would feed into the data warehouse. What would be the data load and refresh cycles for each? Exercise 3 – pg. 70 Explain how and why parallel processing can improve performance for data loading and index creation. Exercise #3 – pg. 97 You are the data transformation specialist for the first data warehouse project in an airlines company. Prepare a project task list to include all the detailed tasks needed for data extraction and transformation. Business Intelligence Text Question 1 & 2 - page 22 - Application Case 1.3 1. What are the desired functionalities of a reporting tool? 2. What advantages were derived by using a reporting tool in the case? Question 4 & 5-page 90-91 4. Identify the major differences between the traditional data warehouse and a real-time data warehouse, as was implemented at Continental. 5. What strategic advantage can Continental derive from the real-time system as opposed to a traditional information system? STUDENT NOTE: Please follow the instructions above. If you have enough database systems and data warehousing knowledge, you will be more than able to answer the previous questions fast. I am attaching the books just in case you require them.

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