Each student should work independently of the other students.




Before you answer this assignment, please read the following important instructions:

1)      Each student should work independently of the other students.

2)      This assignment should be submitted on the due date, zero mark will follow late submission of an assignment.

3)      This assignment contains two separate questions: the first related to the Word processing and the second related to the Excel sheet.

4)      You are required to submit two files (word file for the first question and excel file for the second question) in softcopy through the Moodle Website which is available at https://lms.ectmoodle.ae.




Question 1: word processing                       [10 Marks]


Create a new document using Ms. Word and apply the following requirement on your document:


1.      Save the document with your name and ID.  (0.25 Mark)

2.      Add a header with your name and insert the date (do not type it.).            (0.5 Mark)

3.      Select or type a paragraph with 4 lines and apply the following format: (0.5 Marks)

a.       Make the paragraph as two columns with line between. (0.5 Mark)

b.      Change the font type to “Arial” and the font size to “14” point. (0.5 Mark, 0.25 for each)

c.       Justify the paragraph.                  (0.25 Mark)

d.      Bold  (e.g. X)                             (0.25 Mark) 

e.       Double underline (e.g. X)            (0.25 Mark)

f.       Subscript (e.g. X2)                       (0.25 Mark)

g.      Strikethrough (e.g. X)                (0.25 Mark)

4.      Insert multilevel lists (level 1 with numbering format and level 2 with bullets format).
(1 Marks, 0.5 for each)

5.      Add word art with the text “Assignment#2” with the transform effect.
(1 Marks, 0.5 for word art, 0.5 for effect).

6.      Add a picture with style effect; you can download the picture from the internet.
 (1 Marks, 0.5 for the picture, 0.5 for effect)

7.      Shape with your name and apply a glow effect. (1 Marks, 0.5 for shape, 0.5 for effect)

8.      Insert table that contains three columns with five rows and fill it with related words
(0.5 Mark)

a.       Merge the first row as one cell (0.25 mark)

b.      Apply a text direction on any text cell. (0.25 mark)

c.       Apply different borders on the table border. (0.5 Mark)

9.      Add page border.   (0.5 Mark)

10.  Write your name as “Watermark”. (0.5 Mark)


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