What would P.E. look like if we swapped learning traditional sports at school with learning social dance?



Dance and Education

I would like for you to think about our physical education programs within the public school system for grades K-8th. Physical education is a requirement for all students within the public school setting. Typically, PE involves the learning of traditional sports; ie basketball, baseball, track, soccer, etc. Students will learn the positions played within each sport as well as the rules for playing. Teams are typically built and spots are rotated amongst the students. 

What would P.E. look like if we swapped learning traditional sports at school with learning social dance? Now, instead of students learning basketball, they would learn the tango, foxtrot, waltz, swing, etc. What would it look like for students?  What would be the positive aspects of learning these social dance forms at school? What would be the negative aspects of learning these social dance forms at school? 

Please create a pros & cons list reflecting your thought. (Your lists will be later required in a homework assignment later in this module)

Once you have completed your pros & cons list, please watch the below movie "Mad Hot Ballroom." This documentary is a 2005 American film about a ballroom dance program in the New York City Department of Education and took place in the New York City public school system for fifth graders. Several styles od dance are shown throughout the film such as tango, foxtrot, swing, rumba, and merengue. 

"Mad Hot Ballroom"

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JheMzvO_EeZR8QWCKEZMRJDZyH7zd8ZW?usp=sharing (Links to an external site.)


Please write a letter to the Superintendent of a school district of your choice and pose as a teacher for any grade K-8th. In this letter, I would like for you to express your interest in either swapping your class' physical education program for a social dance program OR keeping your normal physical education program and not participate in a social dance program. In your letter please provide specific examples from "Mad Hot Ballroom" and your Pros & Cons list (previously created) to establish a strong argument for your class. Your examples should include the benefits and risks of either preferred program. Please be sure to also attach your created pros & cons list with your letter.

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