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English 301 Grammar Practice Quiz 4

Add commas to each of the following three sentences

The CEO of Corporation Incorporated had yet to offer raises to any staff nor had she reported the massive profits made in the most recent quarter.

Add or remove commas, or leave it blank

Some rules are not designed to be precisely followed but to provide mere structural guidelines.

Roger thought that his waning motivation was due to the increased stress at work but he was wrong, because his wife knew his diet was affecting his daily mood.

The author was certain this book would be the one which propelled her to notoriety as she was assured of it by her favorite psychics.

The lax work ethic in the office accounted for much of the lost profit, but the new manager was brought in, to make drastic changes.

Add the necessary apostrophes

One of the primary legacies of President Obamas tenure is the Affordable Care Act, derisively called Obamacare by Congressional Republicans.

Voters, however, are not necessarily antagonistic toward the bill, as they often cite its clause allowing children to remain on a parents plan until they turn 26.

Republicans now are teasing their replacement bill for American healthcare, though no journalists conjecture has much bearing, as nothing official has been set forth.

One thing, however, is for certain: the American healthcare systems future is uncertain.

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