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Question 1

Aeneas tries to embrace his father, Anchises, but his hands pass right through

the shade. This mirrors a scene between Odysseus and his mother.

Question 2

Hector's wife begs him not to return to the battle-front because she says, all of

her immediate male adult blood relatives have been killed in the Trojan war at

her home-town of Thebes (PS: it's a different Thebes than Oedipus &), and he is

all she has left.

Question 3

Achilles, when he rejoins the fighting, battles both mortals and gods

Question 4

" Potiphar's Wife & stories, like that of Bellerophon, involve a hero falsely accused

of seducing or raping his social/political superior.

Question 5

The story of Meleager as Phoenix tells it in Iliad 9 omits any mention of a magic

log, which is central to Ovid's telling of Meleager story

Question 6

Penelope tried to deter the suitors by weaving and secretly unraveling her father-

in-law's funeral shroud, which she insists she must finish before she can remarry.

Question 7

Odysseus sees an area in the realm of the dead were people who committed

suicide reside

Question 8

In the realm of the dead, Achilles regrets his youthful but glorious death

Question 9

Glaucus, despite being overmatched, wounds and nearly kills Diomedes.

Question 10

Aphrodite favors the Greek side in the Trojan war

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