In the film Milk, several family dynamics evident. The film describes how society cannot exist as Dan White says, "Society can't exist without the family."

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In the film Milk, several family dynamics evident. The film describes how society cannot exist as Dan White says, "Society can't exist without the family." Family dynamics have a positive and negative effect on wellbeing. Having a family with close relationships and support offers social support, economic wellbeing, and fitness overall. But the contrary is real as well. When family life is dominated by tension and conflict, it continues to have a detrimental effect on family members' health. A family's social support is one of the key ways that family positively impacts wellbeing. Social partnerships, such as those occurring in near relatives, have been shown to decrease the risk of the onset of physical disease, injury, mental illness, and death. Marriage, in particular, has been researched in the way it impacts wellbeing. Marriage is believed to protect wellbeing by offering companionship, social comfort, and economic stability. Marriage is linked to physical wellbeing, mental health, and low deaths . 

The study found that all-cause mortality rates are twice as high between unmarried persons as married if any other death risk factor, including the physical condition, is regulated or considered. Another research showed that marriage in its entirety provides a major increase in preventing illness onset, known as primary prevention. Married people are more susceptible to unhealthy behavior, such as high alcohol and fat diets, and married people are more likely to visit the physician for check-ups and tests. People don't have to be married to get family insurance benefits. Studies have also reported that maternal, friendly, and family social support positively impact mental health. The clear advantages of different social care types for global mental wellbeing, depression, the unipolar depressive episode regeneration, psychological pain, psychological stress, physical symptoms, and all the causes of death have been verified in future cohort research. Social inclusion and social assistance, such as marriage, are guarding against the possibility of death. For example, people who report greater support from close friends and family experience lower cardiac rates and systolic blood pressure. Therefore, the available data support the theory that the social environment or family condition 'is affected by essential physiological parameters, including neuroendocrine, immune, and cardiovascular function .

The film Milk (2008) described LGBTTTIQ community, and it was the first film that talks about the right of the gay community. The language that used for the LGBTTTIQ community is sensitive. For example, Harvey Milk says, "I would let him christen me if it means he's going to vote for the gay rights ordinance." LGBTTTIQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, intersex, and queer. The Nut and Fruit were "our people," as Pat says, where you can feel at home. The small town gay bar has been largely the way among flamboyant gay men, who were the women's march before there was one, for much of LGBTQ's lives migration to crook-up applications and home affairs. In this sense, Stephens' film duplicates a fading queer subculture like a love note. Pat confesses to a fellow pink trench veteran, "I wouldn't even know how to be homosexual anymore. It is the first great film in which the gay community looks at human rights. 

The focus was the late charismatic gay leader and 1970s politician from San Francisco, Harvey Milk, who played Sean Penn with exceptional scope and wisdom. Milk resists the bumper-sticker's recognition: Yeah, this is a biopic and a love tale, a film on human rights, sharp social and political commentaries. But as a very human text, it transcends any single genre that first and foremost touches on the need to give people hope. This film has a whole following, but it is hopefully modest—the gay and lesbian families, certainly, and everyone with brain politics, for everybody who cares not just about Penn, but also convincing performances from a big and talented cast. This film is excellent and covers an enormous amount of time, people, and the spirit of the time without a minute of unnecessary energy or carelessness. Even the initial moments – Black and White Archival footage of police rattling men from the homeless bars of the fifties and sixties—are a poignant reminder of what hadn't been too long before and of the sort of harassment leading to the New York Stonewall Riots in 1969. 

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