Entrepreneurship Calculator And Metrics

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Assignment – Entrepreneurship Calculator and Metrics


Create an excel spreadsheet that allows a student to input specific characteristics about themselves and then to calculate how applicable entrepreneurship is to them.  At a minimum your calculator must use at least 6 factors.  Find real data online to support your calculator.   Include hyperlinks to your sources.

Use your own calculator to measure your own entrepreneurship aptitude.  Write a text box on the spreadsheet that shows your results and comments.


Read the presentation on Entrepreneurship skills and characteristics.

Read the Statistics Canada report: 

Profile of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Owners and how they Finance their Businesses



2 Sources: meaningful and appropriate, academic or government studies

2 Factors: provide 6 good factors with dropdown lists of choices ( 2 or more per factor )

2 Values: provide values for the choices, are they from a source?

2 Personal: provide your own score and choices, provide a paragraph detailing your own decision.

2 Calculations: does your calculator make sense with numeric values and a range of aptitude.


Learn how to create a lookup list and how to use a lookup function.  I have posted a sample that shows only one factor for the metrics.  It comes from the paper http://scholar.harvard.edu/files/glaeser/files/entrepreneurship_and_the_city.pdf?m=1360041693

Use the help function in excel to show you examples of the lookup.

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