General Instructions The students do not have to hand in the solution to the assignment.

computer science


General Instructions The students do not have to hand in the solution to the assignment. 

This assignment is for practice and to familiarize with the dataset. The assignment requires to apply the theoretical material exposed during the lectures and learn by doing.

 The students can contact the lecturers (please explicitly refer: To Phillip / To Alina ) for questions linked to the exercises during a pre-defined schedule. 

• The schedule for asking questions will be Wednesday 10:00 - 12:00 and Friday 10:00- 12:00, that is, during the 2X2 hours/per week associated with normal lectures. Questions raised by students outside of this interval might not be answered. 

• The questions should be posed online via Discussion Board so that the lecturers and all students have access to them and the associated answers. The questions posed should be straightforward and linked to a real problem/doubt the student encounters while solving the exercise. 

• The lecturers cannot grade the solutions; therefore, do not send the lecturers questions like Is this solution correct? 

• Almost all the exercises proposed are a clone of the exercises solved in class during the course. The exercises are meant to offer the student the possibility to get more training into the subject and to familiarize with the data. The same dataset but different questions will be used in the exam and re-exam. 

• The solution to the proposed exercise is not available. 

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