Essay on cultural artifact



Part 2: 75 points

Students will hand in a typed, appropriately formatted essay covering each of the above segments.

Essay should make reference to AT LEAST one of our readings for the unit

Blog (John Bocksay): (definitions

of culture/artifact or the similarity of the chosen artifact to one presented in the short story or blog).

Must include AT LEAST 2 outside sources the student will use in the

Element Points

Students will define culture and artifact, using discussions and readings with written response in order

to both define and understand the breadth of definitions for these terms.

Readings and research for deeper understanding. Students will be required to have at least THREE

outside sources for their essay.

Write a 4-6 page research essay on your cultural artifact, its context and meaning

Format (5 points) ____________

Visual element (10-20 points) ____________

Introduction (defines artifact and identifies culture(s) it represents) 10 points ____________

History (10 points; 5 for writing, 5 for appropriate in-text citations) ____________

Student connection (10 points) ____________

Connotations: What others say (5 points) ____________

What you say (5 points)

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