Develop the practical ability to describe, design and implement an iOS application.




Develop the practical ability to describe, design and implement an iOS application.



1.      Apply suitable frameworks, components and techniques in developing an iOS mobile application to solve real world-problem (C3, PLO2)

2.      Report the tools, frameworks and techniques used in developing the iOS mobile application (A3, PLO5)



An individual project weighted at 50%



You are required to create a simple mobile application based on a chosen scenario.  The scenario must be related to one of the selected themes given by your lecturer.

List of available themes

·         Sport

·         Education

·         Entertainment

·         Health

·         Technology

·         Food and Beverage

·         Management

·         Games

·         Environment

·         Social networking

·         Tourism

·         Fashion


The mobile application must satisfy the following requirements:

i)        The mobile application should be capable of solving the problems identified in the scenario. 

ii)      Suitable user interface with the following items:

ü  Navigation ease

ü  Appropriate use of text formatting and images

ü  Fitness of purpose and appropriateness of material

ü  Consistency between all forms

iii)    Business logic (certain transactions/ data manipulations) should reflect the scenario

iv)    Applied Frameworks / SDK APIs


You are required to get the approval of your mobile application title from your lecturer before / on the week 8.  


A possible scenario for theme “management” is given below, but this is just for guidance. You do not need to stick rigidly to this idea:


APU’s iWebSpace does not provide full features of Webspace.  The app only provides important features from Webspace such as exam and class timetables, bus timetable and tracking, feedback system and etc.  Students greatly rely on the application to check their results, timetable, fee schedule and news.  However, they need to revert back to University Webspace to make an appointment with their lecturer through Lecturer Consultation Hours System, when they need help with any specific study-related problem or issue.  To ease the appointment process, a mobile application should be available for students to view, book and cancel the lecturers' consultation slots.  


You are required to prototype the use of mobile phone technology on the lecturer consultation appointment process in APU. Using your newfound knowledge of swift and iOS you are requested to build a simple Lecturer Consultation Hours application for APU’s iWebSpace.



The marks allocation of the assignment is divided into three parts; 40 marks are allocated to the application development, 44 marks for the report (documentation) to accompany the application and 16 marks for App Demo.



Marks allocated

iOS application (Solution)

  • Complexity of the application
    • Features and logics
    • Coding quality, style and best practices
    • Memory and Performance optimization
  • UI / UX Application
  • Good business logic use of data storage facility
  • Validation of user inputs


Report (Documentation)

Problem solving and design (content in the documentation)

  • System description - problem identification and proposed solutions
  • App Design
  • Techniques and concepts application


The supporting document needs to reflect the design and development of the implemented system, which should include: -

  • Introduction
  • App wireframe and view hierarchy
  • Explanation of the techniques implemented with sample code
  • System screen shots with explanations
  • System limitations and enhancements
  • Conclusion
  • References














Mobile App Demo

  • App execution - Presentation
  • Knowledge of the app created
  • Recorded App demo (Video)



Development Tools

·         Any iOS Development tool can be used to develop the artefact. However, the mobile app must be implemented using swift programming language.

You are recommended to use Xcode IDE.

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